HAPPY NEW YEAR- REVIEW- CLAW’D -Evergreen Council Book #2- Vin George

CLAW'D Book Cover CLAW'D
Evergreen Council Book #2
Vin George
Enemies to Lovers, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Shifters
Lttle Storm Press
Dec 15, 2023

On the verge of bloodlust, vampire Sorley breaks into wolf shifter Gethin’s home. Gethin, who’s been indoctrinated to avoid and even despise bloodsuckers, wants to turn him over to higher ups in the Evergreen Council and forget about him. If only it were that simple! Sorley seems to be a victim of a mysterious attack, pinging Gethin’s protective instincts. He’s also devastatingly gorgeous, and Gethin is thrown by the attraction. As a wolf he has no business getting entangled with an immortal male vampire. Even if they give in to their desire, it can only ever be a fling.

Sorley just wants to go home and bury his pretty head in the proverbial sand, but however much he hates it, he needs Gethin’s help. He might even get some benefits out of the deal. The infuriating, furry hunk of a shifter has kind eyes, and his scent is unexpectedly delicious. He also, curiously, makes Sorley feel safe. But Sorley is definitely not developing any feelings for the man. That would be absurd.

When it becomes apparent Sorley is not the only victim of an unknown assailant, the entire Council must pull together to stop the attacks. Egos clash as tension rises, and you could even say there’s a lot at stake.

Claw’d is the second book in the Evergreen Council series, featuring a chaotic mess of a gay vampire and the closeted, long-suffering, wolf-shifter charged with keeping him safe. HEA. Can be read as standalone.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

A funny story happened after down loading CLAW”D. The I Pad needed to be charged. I grabbed the chord and something seemed to be blocking it from entering the machine. Mind you it is Dec 16th, I have begun this book and I am into the story and the Apple Store has no appointments for their geek squad till after the first. I search for my old Kindle and find it and do not find the cord ….So what would good reviewer do???? Download to my I Phone…..

Crazy as it sounds 400 pages was read on my small I phone after wrapping xmas presents for hours every day…..Dedication you say? Crazy my kids said.To be honest I as so enchanted by the story the eye strain was the least of it.

I have read book one, and am Familiar with The Evergreen Council, who is the Paranormal Governing Body like the Police in charge of the many Groups of Shifters, Vampires, Fae and other Entities that are not human. They keep the peace keeping humans from knowing they exist.

We meet Sorley a vampire, who is caught breaking into the home of wolf shifter Gethins. He seems to nt know where he is or why he is there. We find he has been entranced by someone or something and after this magic leaves him he wishes to return home; no foul. But Gethin has reported it to the Council and has to be watched until they figure out who, what and why.

Sorley is very attractive and Gethin is attracted to him, also feeling very protective of who and what Sorley has gone through. More crimes begin with, people Sorley knows are being hared in the same manner and they suspect Magic. The Council wans Gethin and Sorley to find the person or persons that are doing this, because they are afraid this person will somehow expose Paranormals to the humans, something they cannot have happen.

The story takes on so many feels, the relationship forming between a vampire and a shifter, Gethins is the head of his pack, and a father who has hidden the side of himself that likes men. The macho shifter community still in the dark ages, and he is afraid to admit who he is. But learning about this beautiful 300 yr old Vampire, who thinks so little of himself piques his interest. The rest is the team work of the entire cast who all work in tandem to solve this mystery.

I loved FANG’D Book one, but in this book two Vin George opens new vistas in Paranormal Fiction and I can’t wait to continue this series.

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