Holiday REVIEW: Making Spirits Bright – Linda Thomas – Sundstrom

Making Spirits Bright Book Cover Making Spirits Bright
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Christmas Romance, Fantasy Romance, Magical Realism
Dec 1, 2021
Ridley Stone BELIEVES...

So when Christmas rolls around, and lights appear where they shouldn’t, she’s all in, maybe, for the magic of a season that includes a gorgeous man who says he’s dragon, and a rocky path to the Land of Enchantment.

Jake Silver has bought a new house that seems to have come with persistent visitor named Ridley. But can he shake her off or keep her from a place that holds so many secrets, including some of his?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This novella is a welcome treat, a holiday romance and a celebration of the magic of Christmas.

Ridley Stone returned home after receiving her master’s degree to find that the home she had loved since she was a child has been sold and now belongs to another. Every year at this time she would enjoy the magic and enchantment in her backyard only now she is a trespasser seeking the joy that she always found. Her parents never mentioned selling the house and her dream of always living here is gone.

She could not resist sneaking into the backyard and watching the lights over the canyon, hoping she wasn’t discovered until she had time to enjoy everything. Magic all around and it didn’t save her from being caught. Jake Silver has a job; it is his responsibility to keep people from entering the canyon and keeping everyone safe. Now Ridley has caused problems for him, she hears the music, sees the lights and feels the magic, something no human should be able to do.

He is torn between wanting her to leave and wanting her to stay. He cannot sense what she is but knows she is not 100% human. He is a dragon but how does he explain everything to Ridley without her thinking he is insane. He has no choice but to reveal to her that Fair Folk exists in the canyon and come to celebrate their holidays.

With all the choices before him as to what Ridley could be he concludes she is a Changeling, a child substituted for a human for their protection. Changelings are very rare and are desired by the Dark Fae. At the age of twenty-one if a Changeling is not called to return to where they belong, they will remain human for the rest of their life, Ridley is coming up on her twenty-first birthday and she has answered the call. Returning home and sneaking into the backyard was her answer to the call only, it also brought out the Dark Fae desperate to get their hands on her.

When a Dark Fae warrior approaches Ridley trying to get her to go with him, she hides behind Jake who is still hesitant to reveal his dragon for fear of frightening her but when a beautiful Fair Folk enters the picture Ridley is drawn to her and lets her guard down giving the Dark Fae the opportunity to kidnap her.

Jake has no choice but to bring out his dragon to give chase to the warrior and the dark horse he is riding. Ridley is in danger and Jake’s dragon unfortunately is not as fast as the horse, but he is closing in. Any fear that Ridley had disappears and all she feels is a determination and strength to fight the warrior for release and hope that Jake is there to save her when she falls.

There is nothing better than a magical story at Christmas Time. Times are very scary right now, so I can put that behind me and enjoy a story of romance, magic, surprises and love. I am a huge fan of Ms. Thomas-Sundstrom so when I received this book to read and review it was not a surprise that I would love it like I loved all her others.

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