New Release REVIEW : After I Obey – Immortal Billionaires #5 – Melissa Sercia

After I Obey Book Cover After I Obey
Immortal Billionaires #5 - Melissa
Melissa Sercia
Vampire, Angels, Paranormal Romance
Melissa Sercia
June 15, 2022

Betrayal. Lies. Heartbreak.

Olivia Steele is no stranger to the supernatural world. She was raised by witches. But not even they could protect her after what she did. Banished from her hometown of New Orleans after a betrayal, she escapes to California, determined to start over. But when a run in with an angry demon sends Olivia reeling, she begins to wonder if she can ever escape her past. Especially since he’s her new boss.

Dark. Hollow. Cold.

Rome Bennett is a demon. An incubus who avoids intimacy at all costs. Until he meets Olivia. And she looks exactly like the woman he’s spent his entire existence hating. To make matters worse, Olivia is his new assistant. As his anger grows, so does his attraction to her. Despite the fact she could be deceiving him, he cannot stay away from her.

The more Rome and Olivia hate each other, the more they want to rip each other’s clothes off. But the mystery, of why she looks like the ruler of hell, stands between them. Is Olivia really who she says she is, or is Rome being played for a fool?

When the lines are blurred between lust and hate, can enemies ever truly become lovers?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another amazing addition to this amazing series. They don’t have to be read in order but I have no doubt that once you have read one you will rush to read the others.

Olivia Steele has been banned from her home in New Orleans by Asher the king of the vampire court and her ex-lover. She was responsible for betraying Asher and others and was lucky that he didn’t order her death. Now she is living in Los Angeles, California and sitting at a crowded bar waiting on a friend. A bump in her back caused her to splash her drink on the man sitting next to her, a man who screamed at her calling her Lilith and wondering how she got out of Hell. The look in his eyes was murderous but it seemed he accepted the fact that she was not the woman he thought she was, but did he.

Olivia is broke and has no one to call on for help but her new job promised her a huge salary and a place to live. Her parents left her when she was nine and she was raised by witches introducing her to the paranormal world. Excited to have a job and place to live all ends when she comes face to face with her new boss, Rome Bennett, the man from the bar. He welcomed her by telling her to get out of his house and once again looked like he wanted nothing more than to choke her to death. Now she has no money, no job and according to her landlord no apartment.

Rome is a demon an incubus and waas a slave of the ruler of hell, Lilith so how is he going to deal with a woman who looks just like her even though there are differences. At the insistence of his assistant, he agrees to give Olivia another chance and hopefully it doesn’t prove to be a huge mistake. Since she is between a rock and a hard place, she has no choice but to return.

While working together the two of them find themselves fighting their strong attraction to each other but they both hate each other and at the same want each other. Little by little their feelings of animosity diminish but that doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing for them. Olivia discovers a secret about herself that changes her entire life and there is one surprise after another.

I read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened with Rome and Olivia and the secret that was kept from Olivia that molded her entire life.

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