New Release- REVIEW: Bitten by Desire – Bitten #4- Lizzy Gayle

Bitten by Desire Book Cover Bitten by Desire
Bitten #4
Lizzy Gayle
Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance
Feb !, 2024

All’s fair in love and Interdimensional war.

If she could, Char would rip out her psychic abilities and set them on fire. She refused to listen to the niggling feeling that should’ve alerted her to personal tragedy and can’t forgive herself. Not only that, but every powerful supe in the known universe seems to be after her. And now she and her vampire lover, Julian are on the run.

She and Julian soon find themselves in the sights of an old enemy as well as entrenched in a battle between Fae and self-proclaimed demons. To add to her stress, Julian presses her about their future. In return, Char demands he change her into a vampire to rid herself of her psychic powers once and for all.

With a killer in their midst and friends being hurt and taken right and left, Char is forced to make an impossible decision between sacrificing her freedom or losing more loved ones. Can she solve the murders and manage to save everyone else without losing her life in the process?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When book three ended Charlotte’s mother had been killed and now this book starts with her funeral. Char had felt something wrong with her psychic powers, but she tuned out instead choosing to be with her vampire lover Julian. She is plagued with overwhelming guilt blaming herself for her mother’s death, had she listened to what her powers were trying to tell her she would still be with alive.

Finding the killer is all Char can think about, no one blames her, but she has enough blame for herself. Her sister Zoe tries to get through to her as well as Julian but so far, their words fall on deaf ears.

At the cemetery General Fontaine attempts to arrest Julian for the murder and despite Char’s alibi that he was with her the General won’t listen, in fact he wants to put Char in protective custody which would only mean handing her over to the powers that be resulting in imprisonment and experimentation.

Luckily Char’s friends come to the rescue and a portal takes her and Julian far away. When they discover a member of SHADE’s board has been killed it gives them a starting point. A search of the man’s office would once again blind her to the fact that something was wrong and it was. She and Julian are captured by Major Honeywell from MorningStar and now their lives are in danger. Chained with silver and unable to use her powers she watches helplessly as Julian is injected with silver, a death sentence.

Fortunately, when her hands are untied, she can save herself and Julian, well get them somewhere safe, only if the silver isn’t removed from his blood, he will soon be dead. Sure, she got all the silver out she is still worried since Julian does not seem back to himself but all she can do is tell him to feed while they are being pursued by the fae, demons and a few surprise characters to add to the chaos.

Trying to stay one step ahead of her enemies, she inadvertently puts some of her friends in danger and the thought of anyone else dying because of her is devastating. As she takes one step forward, she finds herself taking two steps back. Her friends, her sister and the man she loves are all in danger so she must use all her powers, powers she has been told are major. She can’t hide from who and what she is even though that is exactly what she wants.

Each book in this series is better than the one before, surprises, secrets, betrayal and enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want and that is Char. Every book takes Julian and Char on another non-stop adventure. If they get out of one problem, they fall right into another one and Char willingly sacrifices herself to save those she loves.

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