New Release- REVIEW: Just The Right Chord- BL Maxwell

Just The Right Chord Book Cover Just The Right Chord
BL Maxwell
Christmas Romance, Rockstar Romance, LGBTQ Short Read
Dec 15, 2023


Kai and Rory met a few months ago when Kai made a food delivery to Rory’s band. They’ve been together ever since, and neither of them has looked back and craved the single life. Now with the holidays fast approaching, both of them worry about giving the perfect gift to each other.
Kai Marshall hasn’t had a boyfriend at the holidays before, making this year even more special—and stressful. He wants Rory to know how much he means to him and how special their first Christmas is.
Rory Smith is new to having a boyfriend, and has never been very good at gifts, preferring to give gift cards instead. But Kai is important, and he’s not going to settle for just any gift this year.
Kai and Rory are completely in love. Now they just need to make sure their other half knows exactly how much they care. Just the Right Chord is a Rockstar romance with a bit of holiday cheer.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I first met Rory and Kai in Faded Dreams, the Road to Rocktoberfest, 2023, a book I can’t recommend highly enough. This is their first Christmas, and each is worried about what the perfect gift would be for the man they love. While stressing about the perfect Christmas gift they spend time with each other’s family and are already planning time together for Christmas.

Rory and Kai are amazing characters, each wanting someone special in their lives but having no success. Then Kai delivered food for the band and the rest is history. Neither of them had boyfriends, Rory was living the rock n roll life with his band and didn’t think he needed anyone, until Kai and now he realized how badly he needed and wanted someone.

A very short holiday story with two men I fell in love with in Faded Dreams and the perfect little story of love and a celebration of Christmas.

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