NEW RELEASE -REVIEW: Red Banner- Michael Thorne Thriller Book #2- Alex Lukeman

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Michael Thorne Thriller Book #2
Alex Lukeman
Thriller, Espionage, Military Fiction
Nov 9, 2023

Michael Thorne meets with a French spy to talk about a nuclear warhead floating around on the black market. It’s an easy assignment, right up to the moment someone tries to kill him. He survives, but there are complications. The trail of the bomb leads to Serbia and the dark stain of Srebrenica.

During a fleet exercise on the China Sea, the flagship of the Chinese Navy is torpedoed and sunk with all hands. It looks like she was attacked by a submarine from Taiwan. But what if it wasn’t Taiwan? If they didn’t do it, who did? Who wants to start a war? Thorne is posted to Taipei, where things aren’t always what they appear to be.

The Chinese want revenge for the loss of their ship. They’re ready to invade Taiwan and plan a first strike on America if Washington comes to the island’s aid. As the world nears the point of no return, Thorne may be the only hope to prevent nuclear Armageddon.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Alex Lukeman a favorite author of mine, has kind of retired his 22 book Project Series and has begun his new Michael Thorne in 2022. He released last year The Russian Woman with Michael Thorne spy for the USA.

Alex writes what is in the nightly news that we all watch and cringe over. The Russian woman was well accepted by his fans and we find this follow up releasing November 9th. Alex writes what is in the news, and creates a wonderful storyline with characters you can relate to and follow easily.

High speed chases, and all the spy influenced stories follow what we have come to expect from him. This story begins with what is happening in China in todays world, with knowledge of China wanting Taiwan back under their wing and what their thoughts might be involved in having this..

As other countries vie for dominance, Lukman has taken us through a what if, and how a World War III could happen today. This trip around the world, being shot, beat up, is very James Bond and I remember saying in one of my reviews for the Project Series ” I saw the pictures in my head and envisioned this as a movie…..Feel the same hre.

Alex writes a short clipped no nonsense story, and has you on the edge over and over as the story moves from one problem to another….Read the Blurb and hold on to your hat

Another 5 Star Sweaty Palm Winner !




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