New Release REVIEW: Subtle Bodies – PsyCop Book #13 – Jordan Castillo Price

Subtle Bodies Book Cover Subtle Bodies
PsyCop Book #13
Jordan Castillo Price
Ghost Fiction, Paranormal, MM Romance, LGBTQ Fiction
August 22, 2022

“It’s probably nothing….”

Usually, when Victor Bayne is called upon to investigate a ghostly apparition, the “haunting” can be chalked up to a perfectly mundane cause. When he’s sent to check out some suspicious phenomena in small-town Iowa—and no one seems unduly alarmed—he’s hoping for more of a weekend getaway. Especially since he’s bringing along Jacob as his Stiff.

He ends up finding way more than he bargained for. Women undressing in public—with no memory of doing so. A car rental agent who knows far more than she should. And a shocking discovery they must keep to themselves at all costs.

Instead of merely supporting Vic, Jacob finds himself thrust into the driver’s seat, using a talent that’s clumsy and untested. And when Vic starts acting just as strange as the stripping women, all bets are off.

Can Vic and Jacob get a handle on the situation before FPMP National storms in and shuts them down for good?

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

A Day with a PsyCop novel to read is a day we remember…..and it was TODAY!!!!!

Jordan Castillo Price has our guys back together again with an unusually different storyline…..The need to checkout a very small town in Iowa. They were reporting some of the towns women doing a striptease in stores and parks and not remembering that they did it; was a call to the FPMP to investigate….Thinking this was a joke of some kind, Victor asked that his husband be invited as his teammate as Jacob as his Stiff was a credible choice….(But he also played ( “we are newlyweds card”)

To say, getting there and working the interviews, the two also were running into a dead end themselves until Vic’s ka separated from his body and the strangeness got really good. I am apt to give up too many spoilers if I continue to type….But many old things are discovered that we thought lost and this story line was fun as always. There were disgusting elements at times; and remarkably wonderful heartfelt scenes to read seeing Vic and Jacob’s relationship grow even deeper through it all. AND Jacob starting to feel His hidden magic…..

Lucky#13 was a great read….Always wanting more……




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