NEW RELEASE REVIEW – The Haunting of Destiny Dove – Kelly Abell

The Haunting of Destiny Dove Book Cover The Haunting of Destiny Dove
Kelly Abell
Horror, Ghost Thriller, Paranormal Suspense
Worldcastle Publishing
July 18, 2022

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Fifteen-year-old Destiny Dove her parents and eighteen-month-old brother were on their way to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyworld but her life would turn into a nightmare. A truck hit their car leaving her parents dead and her brother stuck in his car seat with Destiny fighting to get him out. Unfortunately, her attempt to save her brother was interrupted by a police officer who dragged her out of the way just before the car exploded.

The only family Destiny has is her grandmother Rose, a woman she never saw and a woman who her mother always told her was crazy Destiny will now find out for herself. Rose is the town palm reader and owner of a New Age book store in Arcadia, Florida. Destiny’s mother was against what Rose did and now Destiny is about to discover secrets about her family that her mother never wanted her to know.

A new place, a new school the loss of her entire family is a lot for anyone to deal with especially a teenager. When two kids pull up to her grandmother’s house, she is excited about the potential of meeting new friends but only one of the kids is happy to greet her. Jake Turner is happy to be Destiny’s friend but the opposite is true when it comes to his girlfriend Amy Morgan. Amy sees Destiny as competition and wants to destroy her. As if things weren’t bad enough for Destiny, they are about to get much worse.

When Destiny meets a man named Patch, she discovers that he has been dead for over forty-years and like her mother and grandmother she has inherited Shade Sight, passed on from generation to generation through the females. It is this sixth sense that her mother ran from refusing to accept her gift. Destiny sees ghosts and talks to spirits who have refused to go to the light. Rose has spent her life trying to bring peace to those that have not moved on yet and help the families connect with their dead loved ones. Now Destiny has to decide whether she will accept her gift or hide from it like her mother did.

When Amy’s mom buys an antique bedroom set it will release an evil that could destroy everyone around it. It will take someone very strong to destroy this evil before it destroys everyone but can Destiny new at using her gift be able to save everyone even Amy who has been nothing but cruel to her. Everyone is in danger from an evil attached to the bedroom set, a set with a sad history.

This was a wonderful book and although it is a young adult book this not so young reviewer loved it. From the first page I was hooked. Jake and Destiny are two caring and sensitive young people that I loved and the unexpected twist at the end of the book well wow.

If you love mystery and ghosts then look no further.

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