Release Day- REVIEW: After Midnight- Fallen Fairy Tales Collection Book #1- Blake Allwood

After Midnight Book Cover After Midnight
Fallen Fairy Tales Collection Book #1
Blake Allwood
Dark Fairytale, MM Romance, Valentine Anthology
Blake Allwood
Jan 26, 2023

n the shadows of Denver's comedy scene, a bartender named Dominique becomes the unexpected star of his own twisted Cinderella tale. Is love strong enough to save him from his wicked stepmother?

After Midnight is an enchanting tale that reimagines the classic Cinderella story as a dark and passionate gay romance. In this modern retelling, Dillon, a talented and aspiring comedian, finds himself drawn to Dominique, a sexy bartender at the local comedy club.

Dominique, whose unfortunate life mimics the story of Cinderella, selflessly cares for his younger stepsisters while facing a treacherous stepmother.

Amidst the glittering lights of the comedy club, Dominique and Dillon’s love slowly grows as they overcome the challenges created by a willful and selfish adversary.

After Midnight is a captivating journey of resilience and the power of love; but is love enough to save Dominique when his hateful stepmother tries to end him once and for all?

Fallen Fairytales is a dark M/M romance, multi-author series. Each book may be read as a standalone, but why not load up your Kindle, kick back, and enjoy sexy men, shenanigans, and deliciously dark fairytale retellings.

*Note: This is a dark romance, and readers sensitive to certain content should make note of the following triggers:

Racism, homophobia, child neglect, kidnapping, false allegations, lawsuits, embarrassment, loss of parent, grief and loss, manipulation by a parent figure, MC close to death.

Comments from Gloria Lakritz
The Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Chair

It is with great pleasure PRG has been asked to review our First Multi Author Series for 2024. During January and February we have taken on a Valentine’s Dark Fantasy Series, beginning today….It will be 6 books and to date this is the schedule:

Valentines Fallen Fairytales Series:


The Authors and PRG hope you love them…..

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dillon Pearson has two dads who are wealthy and who have embraced his decision to leave school and pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. He was blessed to have dads whose wealth was second to their love of their only son. Dillon has grown up in a home filled with overflowing love and support. When he got a job at a comedy club it was the first step to fulfilling his dream.

Dominic Lawson is a bartender at the same club Dillon is appearing in but unfortunately, his life was the total opposite of Dillon’s. He had two dads who gave him love and he had two adopted sisters who he loved with all his heart and then one dad died, and the other was forced to marry a woman by his parents and that is when his happy life turned into a nightmare.

The first meeting between Dillon and Dominic occurred when Dillon realized he is trying to entertain an older group and his material is just not suitable, so he asks the sexy bartender he has been eyeing for assistance. The assistance involved Dillon coming to Dominic’s home and watching a movie that should help him get some information about the past. His two sisters joined them in watching the Princess Bride and he got a little info he could use in his act, but he got an upfront and close look at a man he finds himself totally fixated on.

Dillon is hoping that he and Dominic can get to know each other better but is shocked when Dominic appears to be ghosting him. Dillon is unaware of the chaos Dominic is going through because of his stepmother Margarette. His second dad died, and his stepmother got control of Dominic and his two little sisters. The girls and Dominic had trust funds left for them which Margarette wanted, then when he turned twenty-one the trust reverted to him, the house, the cars and the money were all his. His only concern was his sisters so leaving the home would put them in total control of Margarette and he is willing to do whatever he has to to ensure that never happens.

With everything happening with his stepmother and his fear for his sisters Dominic has not been answering texts from Dillon and when Margarette accuses him of abusing the girl’s getting child

Services involved and keeping Dominic away from them things go so bad all his attention goes to trying to get them back. He knows that Margarette will not care about the kids she never has but he is biracial and gay, and the cards are stacked against him.

Dillon refuses to give up on Dominic and tries to have a friendship rather than a romantic relationship he knows Dominic is suffering and offers him a shoulder to cry on. Dominic knows that his feelings for Dillon go much deeper than friendship but with everything Margarette is putting him and the girls through he has no time for more. Margarette wants Dominic’s trust and the girls and with his lawyer at his side he fights for everything he has. Unfortunately, when the judge makes it clear he is interested in Margarette his only hope is appeals.

I don’t want to give too much away and there is quite a lot more to this story than I have written. There is kidnapping, lies, betrayal and childhood abuse and although I know that this is a modern day take on Cinderella this one was a far darker and sadder story. There is a godmother, a gala, no glass slippers but a HEA. This is a story of overcoming the label of biracial and gay and just focusing on the person.

I loved this story, loved Dillon, Dominic and the girls and all the secondary characters as well. What a wonderful story just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This book is part of the Fallen Fairytales dark MM Romance Series and I have no intention of stopping at just one.

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