RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: Bitten by Chaos- Bitten Book #5 – Lizzy Gayle

Bitten by Chaos Book Cover Bitten by Chaos
Bitten Book #5
Lizzy Gayle
Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance
May 2, 2024
It’s a Happily Ever After hundreds of years in the making.

That is if Char can navigate her new life as a vampire with demons, royal fae, and one of the strongest wizards of all time after her psychic abilities that were supposed to have disappeared when she turned.

Moving with Julian into the Vampire Estate for protection only causes additional problems. When the new leader, who happens to be one of Julian’s ex flames, demands compliance, Char isn’t up for a subservient role. And now she’s forced to work near her father, who seems more interested in acting like Dr. Frankenstein than a parent. After all, he sparked the mess she’s in by experimenting on she and her sister when they were kids.

Can Char and Julian navigate the most difficult cluster of schemes and double-crosses they’ve yet to encounter? Making it to the alter just might be too much to hope for after lifetimes of being torn apart. But Char will be damned if she’s going to give up on love this time around when she finally has a chance, no matter how small, at forever.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Char is now a vampire and learning to deal with her new reality. Julian is teaching her all she needs to know, especially when it comes to feeding. Now, Char is finally free of her psychic powers since becoming a vampire and hopefully she will be free from all those after her for her abilities.

Unfortunately, the powers she so hoped for would be gone are still present and now an addition to her new vampire powers. Julian is the only one aware of her psychic powers still being present and hopefully it can be kept secret especially from the Seelie Queen. Char made a pact with the queen to save Julian’s life and she would be the Queen’s servant now without her psychic abilities the queen would have no reason to want her.

Once again Char is proven wrong, the queen is not willing to end the bargain and Char is still at her beck and call. She is unwilling to reveal the news to Julian. Demons are attacking and the only safe place for Char and Julian is the Vampire Estate now run by the new vampire sect liaison Elizabeth Bathory, known for bathing in her victim’s blood.

Elizabeth bargains with Char for her help, continue working in the lab alongside Char’s father, the man who experimented on her and her sister when they were young injecting them with demon DNA and then after being turned leaving his family. She is willing to work in the lab but refuses to work with her dad.

Char and Julian have so many working against them, Elizabeth, the Seelie Queen, the demons and a new addition to that group hungry for power, a wizard. The wizard is a new wrinkle in an already large enemy contingent, and he is no ordinary wizard.

So many demands on Char, the Seelie Queen wants her to kill a demon, Elizabeth wants her to bring the demons heart to her and to capture the Seelie Queen. The wizard is keeping his desires close to his chest but when they are revealed they will be the deadliest of all the demands.

Julian and Char must fight for their future and as vampires their future is eternal. There are so many surprises, betrayals, lies, secrets and sex. The romance between Char and Julian is stronger than ever as mates but there is a long list of enemies wanting to take them down.

I have been invested in this series since book one and after reading each book I just anxiously awaited the next just as I waited for this one. Unfortunately, there will be no more waiting since this was the end of Char and Julian’s story and although I loved the book, I was sad to say goodbye.

If you are not familiar with this series than I highly recommend starting it, it has it all, vampires, witches, demons and fae.

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