Release Day- REVIEW: Dirty December- Pine Ridge Universe- S.C Principale

Dirty December Book Cover Dirty December
Pine Ridge Universe Novella
S.C Principale
Christmas Romance, Holiday Romance, Fantasy Romance, Release day,
Jan 31, 2024

An elf’s worst nightmare is to end up on the Naughty List, but Eirwen’s fantasies about Klaus are so delicious they make it worth the risk!

Eirwen has never wanted anyone but the handsome, commanding widower the world knows as the kindly Santa Claus. Her racy fantasies revolve around another side of Klaus that’s much more demanding but just as desirable. What will happen when Eirwen’s cravings translate into her only Christmas Wish—and Klaus finds out?

Klaus is retiring from his job as Santa Claus and handing the reins over to his son. But as he prepares to shop for a summer home in Pine Ridge, the magical demi-mortal wonders if it’s too late to capture the heart of the woman of his lustful dreams. When he discovers Eirwen’s debauched Christmas Wish, Klaus must make a choice. Should he keep their friendship as it is? Or should he indulge both of their dreams and lead them into a deliciously dirty December?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Every hundred years a new Santa is named, and this year Santa Klaus’ son Kris is taking over the reins. Klaus will have another hundred years of mortal life and now free from his obligations and aware of his elf Eirwen’s Christmas wishes he is free to go after what he has been wishing for.

Eirwen is the head of the reindeer and has had a mad crush on Klaus from the first day she met him, but he was married so she put her feelings aside until fifteen years ago when his wife died. Unfortunately, keeping her wishes a secret from Klaus is impossible even Kris knows, and he informs Eirwen that his father has the same wish.

Klaus doesn’t hesitate in making his feelings known and Eirwen is very verbal about what she wants. Retired Klaus has plans to find a residence in Pine Ridge, New York, a place I am very familiar with and have a happy acquaintance with the town through the many books I have read about it. I can’t think of a better place for Klaus and his elf.

A relationship between a tiny elf and a huge human will be quite an adventure and Ms. Principal does a great job of expressing how it will all work out. A love that has been blooming for years but Klaus was unable due to his job to show it or express it and now free he is giving him, and Eirwen the Christmas wishes they have been keeping buried.

Christmas Eve while Kris is assuming his new role as Santa his father is assuming his new role as friend and lover and age and size aren’t a factor. Finding your heart mate is something to be cherished and Klaus and Eirwen intend to cherish it for the next hundred years.

There is a lot of sex, and it was mind blowing nothing was left to the imagination and my imagination is quite wild. My first Santa book where the jolly man and his elf find love and it was erotic, fun and the perfect answer to Christmas wishes.

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