RELEASE DAY REVIEW :Discovering Home – The Coming Home Series Book #3 – Blake Allwood

Discovering Home Book Cover Discovering Home
The Coming Home Series Book #3
Blake Allwood
Gay Romance, Gay Fiction, LGBTQ Fiction
Blake Allwood Publishing
April 20, 2023

Choosing his self-respect over his inheritance leaves him adrift. Can the sexy wine grower be his foundation, or will everything be lost?

Matt's late grandfather always supported him as an artist, but the inheritance and new vineyard he left for him came with a catch that throws everything into doubt. Life becomes even more complicated when he can’t stop thinking about Logan, the attractive wine grower his grandfather hired before he passed away.

Logan has always dreamed of making award-winning wines, so when a chance to take over and build a new winery falls into his lap, he grabs it. Unfortunately, his dreams seem to be dashed with the death of the winery owner. His life is upended, and his attraction to the late owner’s grandson just seems to make things worse.

As the two men navigate their way through family, social and legal challenges, will they be able to overcome all that’s stacked against them, or will everything they’re working for be lost?

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

As you will see I am totally invested in this series. It has all the elements I love reading. It ad hears to a very small area in Tennessee probably near where the author himself was born and raised. It is in a very anti liberal place as Blake speaks of the fire and brimstone anti gay teachings that he now writes about. This is interesting as members of the Big City move to the town for different reasons. The town and story line that follows this cast into the community and find each other. From the description the author has planned a 10 book series, and I am a happy camper.

Book 1 Allan and Gib came to town, Book 2 Todd and Ash and now Matt and Logan are front and center. Matt and his grandfather were very close. Matt was an artist and lived away and Grandpa sent him a stipend so he could continue with his painting. Grandpa died suddenly and Matt came to town for the funeral and to settle grandpa’s estate. The land alone was many acres, housing many buildings that were going into decay. Grandpa had remarried and was in the process of starting a small winery, hiring a young vintner from California before he passed.

Logan’s dream was to grow grapes that would make fabulous wines and decided as frustrated as he was in not achieving a first place wine on the west coast, moving to Tennessee the Moonshine Capitol of the world was foolish but he accepted the job because he needed the work.

Blake Allwood knows how to stir the pot and tell a beautiful story with descriptions of land and buildings the reader can see as they read. These two young men love life is blocked by work ethic policies, good manners, and stupidity; not by the Horrible Homophobic Minister of the Local Church.

This story is a small town, with hope, possibly learning to grow up and be an accepting place. They seem to be doing better……

*Reading this during the burying of 6 people from a shooting in a Christian School in Tennessee this month. The outrage of its people going to protest guns at their state capitol, with 2 black young men removed as State Representatives participating in the protest was telling. We do have a long way to go.

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