Release Day – REVIEW: Emergency: Kiss of Life-Carlisle Emergency Book #2- Andrew Grey

Emergency Book Cover Emergency
Kiss of Life-Carlisle Emergency Book #2
Andrew Grey
Novella, LGBTQ Short Read, Medical Romance,
Feb 13, 2023

Professional hockey player Marcus Markelton—Mark Mark to his fans—has dreamed of playing in the NHL since childhood, and has been raising his nephew with his parents’ help for the past few years. He’s at the top of his game and getting noticed when a clash with an aggressive defender results in a head injury and an encounter with Logan.

Logan Castro, EMT and huge hockey fan, is thrilled to meet one of his favorite players, but would rather have had it happen under better circumstances. After assisting Mark, he accepts a pair of tickets to a game as a thank-you for giving Mark a ride home from the hospital. He doesn’t realize his simple act of kindness could change everything.

Logan not only gets to know Mark, but also his nephew, Timmy. Both of them work their way into his heart. As the two men grow closer and Logan’s need for a family of his own seems so close, he can almost touch it, Mark’s playing turns red-hot. Both men know that Mark’s dreams could put more distance between them than their new relationship can take, but risking their hearts could be the goal they score together.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Marcus Markelton (Mark Mark), a professional hockey player is hoping to be picked by the NHL but in the meantime his base is Philadelphia where he is raising his brother’s son, Timmy. When Mark’s brother died, he had given custody to Mark and Timmy calls him Papa and loves him. Living with his parents who help with raising Timmy he puts up with his mother’s disapproval of his being gay but doesn’t hesitate to bring it up whenever she can. She is upset that Mark got custody and not his grandparents, but it is an old story that just keeps coming up.

I am not familiar with hockey other than it is a very aggressive game and players are often hurt and this time it was Mark who suffered from a crash into a wall headfirst. He is fine, his team wins only on his way home, he must pull over with a major headache. Unfortunately, his crash didn’t affect him right away but now it has shown its ugly head.

An ambulance arrives and he is treated by Logan Castro the EMT who happens to be a huge hockey fan and Mark fan. Since Logan had seen the game, he knew they would be dealing with a head injury. The delayed concussion is being treated and when he is sent home, he cannot play for a week. He contacts Logan and invites him to a game as a thank you for caring for him. Though he can’t play he is still required to attend each game.

Mark brings Timmy along and the three of them have a wonderful time and there is no question that there is an attraction between Mark and Logan. When they kiss goodnight Timmy doesn’t hesitate to yell out to his grandparents that Mark and Logan kissed, setting his mother into a tiff. Timmy is eight and a loving, caring young man who loves Mark and his grandparents with all his heart, and is also becoming very fond of Logan.

This novella was filled with love, romance and the usual disapproval by a parent over their child’s sexuality. Timmy is a hoot; he explains to Logan that if a girl touches or heaven forbid kisses him, he will get cooties and green gangs. Logan assures him that he won’t get cooties or gang green lol.

Such a sweet story with problems that must be discussed and solved, i.e. if Mark makes it to the NFL there will be discussions on relocating, ensuring Timmy is cared for and has everything he needs and whether the relationship that is building will stay strong.

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