RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Eva’s Shelter – Cypress Security Book #3- Regan Black

Eva's Shelter Book Cover Eva's Shelter
Cypress Security Book #3
Regan Black
Action, Adventure, Military, Romance
Oct 5, 2023
With a vengeful enemy closing in, she’ll need the right partner to survive…

A former Special Forces analyst, Eva Battaglia now applies her computer and linguistic skills to support the Cypress Security team. And just when she’s getting the hang of small-town civilian life, someone from her military past takes aim at her.

Eva isn’t thrilled with personal protection, especially when her bodyguard is Carson Morris, a local deputy with a warm smile, kind eyes, and no experience outside the county. Carson doesn’t mind Eva’s doubts, or anything else about her fiery personality. He knows how to keep the gorgeous newcomer safe in his hometown.

But when a sniper targets Eva, the rules of engagement must change--and fast.

Carson shelters Eva off the grid, but they can’t hide out--alone--forever. Together they create a trap for a killer, knowing that if the plan fails, they’ll lose any hope of exploring the undeniable attraction and affection simmering between them.

If you like romantic suspense loaded with intrigue and action, forced-proximity heat, and characters you’d love to call friends, you’ll love Eva’s Shelter!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Eva Battaglia is trying to get comfortable in the little town of Haleswood, S.C. where her boss Ross Carpenter has placed her. She was injured, shot in her shoulder and still unable to hold her gun steady. She knows that Ross is overprotective what she doesn’t know is that he is not revealing that her past in the army has come back putting her future in danger.

As an analyst for Cypress Security, she should have known what was going on, that is what she does, but Ross managed to keep everything from her. She knew that Deputy Carson Morris was always underfoot, but she took that as small-town behavior toward a stranger. Carson was not the only one watching her between Ross and the sheriff, everyone was on the lookout for strangers. In Haleswood strangers stick out.

Carson was not thrilled when he was asked to watch over Eva and ensure she is safe but when a sniper shoots one of her friends from the army a simple job of watching turns out to be a life and death job.

Stuck together in a safe house they fight their attraction for each other while Carson insists that he stop being kept in the dark. As a Special Forces Analyst Eva did the intel for a rescue mission. The son of a very powerful man was kidnapped and what she was sure would be a successful mission, unfortunately went bad from the start leaving the hostage dead.

The hostage’s father Abraham Morcos has been killed leaving his vicious brother Bakr in charge of the family business, International Developers with a side business of black-market weapons and money laundering. Of the two brothers Abraham was the lessor of two evils but now Bakr has Eva in his sights. There was always a belief that it was Bakr who was responsible for the kidnapping, something Abraham refused to believe. Abraham’s son was the heir to take over the business and that was something Bakr could not allow.

The FBI, the Sheriff’s department and Cypress Security are all on full alert. Carson believes they are in a safe place but when bullets ring out it seems there is no place safe from Bakr’s grip. Now despite the enemy they don’t know who else is hiding in the wings, someone who is trusted and could be serving two masters. Carson will do everything in his power to protect Eva while she does what she does best, search for answers.

Two of her ex-army friends who were involved in the failed mission are in danger, one is shot but thankfully lives and one is now a hostage. Makr wants something from Eva, but she has no idea what that is until answers find their way to her. Makr will stop at nothing to get what he wants including the threat of harming her family.

Another amazing addition to an amazing series. Eva is a very strong woman who resents being looked after when she is quite capable of taking care of herself. Carson and Eva’s attraction grows, and they are hoping that when Makr is caught, and things go back to normal that their attraction will continue.

Edge of the seat action, surprises, secrets, romance, amazing characters and a must-read book. Although the books are standalones why miss out on more romance with a side of suspense.

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