Release Day- REVIEW: Figuring It Out Together- Partners: Book #3 – Jamie Lynn Miller

Figuring It Out Together Book Cover Figuring It Out Together
Partners: Book #3
Jamie Lynn Miller
Military Romance, Gay Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Nov 7, 2023

First introduced in Christmas Together (Partners: Book 2), Reese Danby and Jordan Rothchild now take center stage in their own story!

One man vows to never love again. The other pledges to win his heart.

British Intelligence agent Reese Danby is a man adrift. After losing his longtime partner, Reese finds himself missing that deep connection, that unwavering bond, of someone always by his side.

Enter his newly assigned partner, rookie agent Jordan Rothchild. Jordan is everything Reese could want in a partner…and so much more.

There’s no denying the spark Reese feels the moment he lays eyes on Jordan. A spark which Reese ruthlessly quashes. For not only is Reese's true sexuality a closely guarded secret, but a devastating personal loss has left him emotionally wounded, unable to surrender his heart to another man. But then an unexpected encounter reveals he and Jordan share the same hidden truth…and mutual attraction.

Under Jordan’s gentle, encouraging affection, Reese’s walls slowly crumble, and he dares risk falling in love again. One beautiful night spent together changes everything between them, but in the next breath will also break both their hearts.

As past pain collides with present danger, Reese navigates treacherous terrain, both professionally and emotionally, finally realizing his terrible mistake of pushing Jordan away.

But is it too late for a second chance? Or has Reese’s fear cost him love and happiness?

Figuring It Out Together is a slow burn, second chance gay romance with a HEA, featuring special appearances by Liam Bancroft and Colin Mason from Books 1 and 2.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Meeting Jamie Lynn Miller at a Tampa Bay Book con in this fledgling author had a booth next to mine. Having almost been neighbors in the northwest side of Chicago, when I lived there for 6 years, we had much in common. I now purchase everyone of her books and have watched her grow in to her best: MM Military Romance stories.

This third book Figuring it Out Together hosts two new members, who are also in London’s British Intelligence agency, Reese Danby and Jordan Rothchild. Jordan has just been transferred into the team. Reese has been there for a while having lost his partner to an almost fatal injury that he blames himself for. To add insult to injury he has lost a lover in death while passing in Reese’s arms five yeas ago. For five years he has had no real deep contact with another lover, sealing his heart to work. Enter green eyed devilish Jordan.

As the blurb says….this is a slow burn, partners to lovers story and so worth the read. How working together and respecting each other and trust builds so walls can come down…..Ad it doesn’t hurt that lovers Liam Bancroft and Colin Mason from Books 1 and 2 help a bit too, showing Reece what he is missing!!!!.

Jamie Lynn may be seen riding with local Chicago police as her ever love of Men in Uniform keeps her on her toes….. as she continues to write her 5 stars stories.

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