RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Foot Work- T.A. Moore

Foot Work Book Cover Foot Work
T.A. Moore
MM Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary Romance
Rogue Firebird Press
Aug 10, 2023

Bode Harlan has never claimed to be a good guy, but he’s trying to keep his nose clean and his head down these days.

After a year in prison for assault--and to be fair, he did it--he isn’t looking to go back. Admittedly, his pretty face being the star attraction in an illegal underground fighting ring seems to run counter to that goal, but he’s gotta pay the bills and there ain’t much else he’s good at.

And it keeps his parole officer off his back…since she runs the place.

Then his mom skips town and her boyfriend kicks Bode’s 14 year old brother out on the street. Bode grew up in and out of foster care, he doesn’t want that for Danny. It’s not like he can take the kid in, though. He’s an ex-con who gets beat up twice a month for money. That’s how he ends up on his good-natured ex-boyfriend’s doorstep. Sonny is a soft touch. At least he always was for Bode. All he wants is somewhere to crash for a couple of nights, nothing more. Sonny’s got his life together now--a home, a boyfriend, even a dog--and it would take a real asshole to want to blow that up.

…of course, Bode’s never said he wasn’t an asshole.

One thing about T.A. Moore, she loves her Bad Boys. Split Shift, Dirty Work, Bone to Pick, Skin and Bone, Shift Less OMG could name a bunch off the top of my head! Todays release Foot Work is again a rough, tough, misunderstood man, Bode Harlan that never said he was a good guy.

Released from jail for assault, he returned to the town he came from. His parole officer ran the town’s underground fight club so you know how this small town handled business. Bode had no big dreams, just needed to make money so he could pay his way. Getting beat up was the easiest cash job he knew.

His Mother lived in the Trailer Park with his fourteen year old brother and her 200th boyfriend. When he found his mother left town with another mark, leaving his brother with her ex, taking the boy out of a bad situation was clear.

His ex boyfriend Sonny had a kind heart. But the last time he saw Sonny he broke up with him. He knows Sonny has moved on, a new boyfriend a new life. Knocking on his door begging to stay on his couch for a day was one thing, but bringing his brother was a bit much.

I do not want to spoil a minute of this for you. Read it and see. I love the stories Tam writes. The rawness and emotion are forefront in them and her characters and description can feel like watching a movie; not reading a book.

Always a joy !

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