RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Laura’s Truth -Cypress Security Book 6- Regan Black

Laura's Truth Book Cover Laura's Truth
Cypress Security Book 6
Regan Black
Mystery, Romance, Action, Adventure
May 23, 2024

Can an undercover bride breathe life into a man presumed dead?

All reports label CIA officer Andrew Garner as an enemy of the state, responsible for the ambush that ended his life and the lives of three innocent soldiers.

The reports are dead wrong.

Andrew survived. Barely. Living under the radar, without any support, he’s finally tracked down the real killer and he’s ready to clear his name.

Army counterintelligence officer Laura Talbot’s investigation settled on Garner as the cause of the horrific ambush. When rumors surface that he might be alive and operating in the shadows, she follows the trail to separate fact from fiction.

What she hoped was a case of mistaken identity quickly turns far more sinister. In searching for justice, Laura and Andrew must find a way to trust each other - or they won't survive the powers determined to silence them.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Cypress Security was going over evidence on a case they just solved one of the pictures appeared to show a man presumed dead. Ross Carpenter couldn’t believe what he was seeing a man he himself saw die. CIA Officer Andrew (Drew) Garner’s betrayal cost the life of three soldiers in Afghanistan and now he seems to be back from the dead.

Refusing to involve any of Cypress Security personnel he enlists help from Counterintelligence officer, Laura Talbot who is very familiar with the situation and agrees to track down Drew who is now in Charleston, SC.

Drew knows that he is being followed and when Laura catches up with him, he knows immediately who she is and what she is capable of. She is ready to take him in when he can get away and run. After he disappears, he calls her and arranges to meet her at a churchyard. Their meeting is met with gunfire and his and her names are mentioned leading to their both being in danger.


Why Laura is being shot at is a mystery, but she is now involved in his crusade to find the man he knows is responsible for what he has been blamed for. He is hesitant to reveal too much to Laura, fearing that it would put her into more danger, but he does realize that he must reveal who he suspects is responsible, she deserves the truth.


Now Drew and Laura are in danger and the man responsible is still at large. Laura wants to get help from Ross and his security firm but Drew fears that it would not help, Ross was there when three of his men met their death because of the betrayal he is convinced was at the hands of what Drew did.


Drew lived on the run for years labeled a traitor and now he has finally come up with a name, the name of the real betrayer and hopefully can clear his name. Laura begins to trust Drew and wants to help him finally be free, but they are a constant target for killers and Drew must rethink his decision to not involve Cypress Security. Hopefully with the evidence that Drew has accumulated he can meet Ross without fearing he will shoot him. There is also the knowledge that another hit is planned and that must be stopped at all costs.


Laura and Drew begin to have feelings for each other but if he can’t clear his name any chance for a future is out of the question. This book was filled with suspense, lies, secrets and an innocent man fighting for his freedom.


If you like mysteries, then I can’t recommend this series enough and I am sure after reading one book you will be hooked like me.

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