RELEASE DAY: REVIEW: Nicole’s Shelter – Cypress Security Book #2- Regan Black

Nicole's Shelter Book Cover Nicole's Shelter
Cypress Security Book #2
Regan Black
Military Adventure, Action Adventure, Action Adventure Romance
Sept 14, 2023

With his Army days behind him, Rick Dryer now applies his Special Ops skills on civilian assignments for Cypress Security. When his current surveillance assignment goes sideways, he bucks his watch-and-wait order and charges into the fray.

Except his gorgeous target has a different plan.

Nicole Livingston has been living a shadow life since landing in witness protection after witnessing a murder. When her apartment building goes up in flames, she sees an opportunity to reclaim life on her own terms.

But her escape is interrupted by a sexy stranger offering assistance she didn’t know she needed.

Rick sympathizes with Nicole’s plan, but his instincts are screaming that the independent beauty needs his help. As her enemy closes in, Rick and Nicole must mine her past for the killer's identity before it's too late.

Nicole has never put much stock in love, but Rick’s tenderness and relentless protection tempts her heart to trust him for a chance at a life and happiness beyond her wildest dreams.

If you like romantic suspense loaded with thrilling chases, narrow escapes, and a punch of emotion, you’ll love Nicole’s Shelter.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Rick Dryer works for Cypress Security and is on a surveillance mission watching Nicole Livingston. He is supposed to just watch but when her apartment goes up in flames and she climbs a ladder to get back into the building all bets are off. When she begins to descend, he sees someone damaging the ladder and he sees her holding an iguana. Although his thoughts are she’s crazy he knows that when she reaches the steps that were damaged, she will fall to her death.

Rick is able to save her and the iguana, but she runs. He realizes that she is in danger and goes after her finding her a bloody mess thanks the lizard. He has gone beyond his original mission, but he will not abandon her. They stop at a store and then a motel to clean her wounds, but he knows that her instinct is to run so he locks up her purse.

Nichole has lost everything, her mom and sister and her sense of security. On the run since she was thirteen, after seeing a murder and constantly being moved and her identity changed, the fire in her building finally gave her the opportunity to disappear but this time on her own. For years she waited for justice to be done but the only thing that happened was her living a new life time and again. Now she has a man wanting to help her, but she knows that she will be putting his life in danger if and when she is caught.

Rick knows that Nicole is keeping secrets from him, secrets that could make keeping her safe easier, but she refuses to open up to him. He must fight his attraction to Nicole and keep his mind on protecting her, easier said than done. When she finally tells him everything it is clear that the murderer has far reaching connections because he always finds them. Nicole has proof of the murder since she is a photography buff and caught it all, now she and Rick must retrieve it and find a way to draw the murderer out.

A friend of Rick’s, Bart helps them giving them shelter since Nicole’s face is plastered all over the news as being an arsonist who set her own apartment building on fire and is in possession of drugs she stole from a gang. Now a motel is not a safe place with cameras everywhere so a safe place like Bart’s even for a night is a welcome relief.

Once again on the run they are followed by three motorcycles whose drivers are armed to the max and Rick has no other choice but to get out and try to stop them. Once again it is Bart to the rescue but not before the car is blown up. Nicole is injured and Bart has a doctor who asks no questions and will keep their secret.

I will reveal no more, but the excitement just goes from zero to a hundred. This book had me hooked from page one and didn’t let go till the end. I kept putting the book down since it was already the middle of the night, then I would pick it back up and tell myself just a few more pages, it didn’t work I couldn’t stop till I found out what happened, and it didn’t matter that it was early morning.

Romance, suspense and justice delayed. It always comes down to who you know, and the murderer knew all the right people.

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