RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Out of Sight -Second Sight Book #3- K.C. Wells

Out of Sight Book Cover Out of Sight
Second Sight Book #3
K.C. Wells
Psychic Mystery, Psychic Suspense, LGBTQ Mystery
DSP Publications
March 19, 2024

Detective Gary Mitchell and psychic Dan Porter have a new cold case to tackle, and new leads to
research in the hunt for Gary’s brother’s killer. Their life in Boston has settled into a comfortable

But when forensic discoveries in a recent robbery gone wrong share similarities with their three-
year-old cold case, all they can do is follow the evidence—and Dan’s gift—which leads them in
an unexpected direction, way out of their comfort zone.

Gary and Dan find themselves in a shadowy world where they can trust no one, with unseen
opponents who want them to back away from their investigation—and suddenly they’re in a race
they have to win.

Because if they don’t, the consequences could be more far-reaching than they could possibly

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This third book in the series releases Today. If you haven’t read the first two I would say read the first two which are both great…. Book #3 I would give 12 Stars it’s EXCELLENT.

Detective Gary Mitchell and psychic Dan Porter have become partners not only in THE COLD CASE Department; but life partners as well. Dan Porter has become known as the solved a long sought Serial Killer for the department and has decided to stay in town and work for the department with Partner Gary Mitchell.

A short recap Gary had joined the force years ago because his brother was killed, and his body was found in the local park with body parts removed. The two men are still learning about each other and have began living together.

This third case starts as a simple 1-2-3 case. Dan has thoughts he would love to help Gary find his brothers murderer, so that’s where the book begins at his brothers School Reunion. ( is the Killer there?) and the murder of a man in town who is mysteriously killed and his death is similar to one perpetrated 3 years ago… their case now!

KC Wells puts us through a web of mysteries both in America and abroad following leads both solved and not solved, working under the scary world of hidden secrets and untold sources. Thank goodness their boss is working it for both of them to continue to follow leads and able to travel with a gov’t task force to reach the source,

I can tell you this is 400 pages of the best who done it’s I have read in many years and in the credits Ms. Wells mentions her husbands help and crediting him with the mystery within the mystery to him…So Kudos to Mr. Wells for this outstanding hunt he helped lead us on…….The Greatest Mystery Series in a very LONG TIME

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