Release Day REVIEW : Rudolph the Rescue Jack Russell – Must Love Dogs Series – Andrew Grey

Novella Rudolph the Rescue Jack Russell Book Cover Novella Rudolph the Rescue Jack Russell
Must Love Dogs Series - Andrew Grey
Andrew Grey
Gay Romance,, Short Reads Amazon
Dreamspinner Press
Dec 6 2022

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a Must Love Dogs Companion story. Once again Andrew Grey evokes emotions both human and
animal. He speaks for the poor Jack Russell dog, Rudolph who loved his mistress until she died, and her
hateful son brought him to a shelter. Through Mr. Grey Rudolph expresses his loss for a woman he loved
and who loved him.

Alex is a man who has anxieties too many to count and at the suggestion of his therapist he decided to
go to a shelter to adopt a dog, one of his many fears. At the shelter he is met by Luther who patiently
introduces Alex to various dogs and even manages to get him to hold one. When Alex sees Rudolph and
holds him, he knows that this is his dog. Thanks to Luther who accompanies him to a pet store to buy
everything he needs and helps adjust him to how to care for a dog Alex begins to feel more comfortable
but when Luther asks him on a date, he discovers that a trip to a dog shelter netted him a dog and a

Such a sweet story Alex is a man that few have patience with, and no man wants to be bothered with,
but Luther and Rudolph have given him the courage to accept who he is he just needed to find the right
person. Of course, Rudolph has parting words which were too cute and so true because he seems to see
things that even his two humans don’t.

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