Release Day Review : Security Force of Two – Mountain Town Mysteries Book #1- Tena Stetler

Security Force of Two Book Cover Security Force of Two
Mountain Town Mysteries Book #1
Tena Stetler
Psychic Romance,Paranormal Witches and Wizards, Werewolves and Shifters
Wild Rose Press
March 20, 2023
Miacoh Zane, a Special Forces veteran, returns to Aspen Ridge, Colorado a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, to settle his beloved grandmother’s estate. But the town holds painful memories and mystical family secrets he wants to leave behind for good.
Candle Bearclaw, is a gifted computer analyst/programmer with psychic talents she buried when recruited out of college by the CIA. After fifteen years, she abruptly resigns her position and returns to her sleepy hometown to discover her childhood crush has also returned and a violent crime has been committed.
Due to their covert operations experience, Candle and Miacoh are thrown together to assist Homeland Security, FBI, and her father, the former chief of police, with a murder investigation. As they search for the perpetrators, their secrets risk being revealed as the investigation takes an unusual twist that could blow the case wide open.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Candle Bearclaw was working for the CIA undercover hacking into criminal computer networks, but her latest assignment was going down some dark paths and she decided it was time to resign and return home. Of course, one doesn’t just walk away from a government position involving classified information, but she was let go.

Heading home to Aspen Ridge, Colorado she first stopped and picked up the puppy she had ordered and she and her new puppy, Terrabyte travelled together taking their time till she reached her parents’ home. Due to her job her visits home were very rare since she spent a lot of time overseas. When her parents saw her all they wanted was to hug her and feed her until the closing on the cottage she bought.

She was brought up to date on the changes in the town and the people she knew, one of them was the boy she had a crush on, Miacoh Zane who left town and joined special forces. His grandmother recently died, and he has returned home to settle her estate. When they pass each other Miacoh remembers her as the girl who used to pass in front of his house all the time, she remembers him as handsome and that is still the case.

The biggest change for Candle is her father has resigned as the Chief of Police after thirty-five years, finally going to enjoy time with his wife and now his newly returned daughter. This town has had little or no major crime and Candle’s return seems to have ignited a wave of crime involving Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, the entire alphabet soup. The new Chief of Police is found murdered and Candle works with the powers to be in solving the murder and the information leading to a possible terrorist attack.

Miacoh and Candle work together and he is determined to protect her even though he will be leaving town once his grandmother’s house is sold. The relationship between Miacoh and Candle grows even with him having one foot out the door, so to speak. He has a secret one he reveals to Candle for her to understand why he must leave, she doesn’t but wow what a surprise.

Secrets, surprises, romance, murder and an adorable puppy. The twists and turns following the threat of a terrorist attack, the murder of the Chief of Police and following the clues that Candle can discover with her expert knowledge of computers and hacking kept me glued as well as watching the developing relationship between Candle and Miacoh.



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