Release Day- REVIEW: Wolf’s Prize: The Wolves of Langeais- K.E. Turner

Wolf's Prize Book Cover Wolf's Prize
The Wolves of Langeais
K.E. Turner
Historical, Medieval, Romance, Werewolves and Shifters
Totally Bound Publishing
May 7, 2024

Book two in the Wolves of Langeais series

She' s not supposed to exist. Finding her changes everything.

Kathryn Beauchene has spent most of her life in the shadows. As a daughter of a minor chevalier, she' s rarely the focus of the Langeais nobility. That changes when her wealthy and powerful cousin vanishes, and the Count of Anjou bestows on them his estate. He' s using her cousin' s wealth and unwed Kathryn as bait.

But Kathryn has a secret. One that haunts her nights and threatens everything she holds dear.

Three years ago, Aimon Proulx almost died. Becoming a werewolf has given him another chance at life and opened him up to a world he never knew existed. Now the pack who rescued him is under threat and he will do anything to save them.

When he catches the scent of a female werewolf, something they' d all believed extinct, he vows to protect her and keep her safe.

But Kathryn stands to lose more than her secret. With her burnished copper locks and fiery temper, Aimon fears their enemies aren' t the only thing Kathryn' s in danger from.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

For eleven years Katherine Beauchene has lived in the shadows afraid of anyone discovering the monster that lives inside her. When she followed her aunt to the pond and saw a half-man half-wolf fighting with her, she went to help and got bitten when she turned into a wolf it was her father who saw it and ever since she has kept her wolf from coming out.

Comte Lothair gave Gaharet’s keep to Katherine and her father and when Aimon Proulx walked by her, he immediately knew she was a werewolf but to make sure he visited Gaharet’s home to confirm his suspicions. When he confronted her father and discovered that he never talked about what happened and kept it a secret even from those he knew were also werewolves he was irate.

Aimon insisted on seeing Katherine where he revealed she was not a monster and that there were others like her. She needs training in controlling her wolf and shifting on demand. She needs to know about her other abilities, sense of smell, advanced hearing and her need to keep hidden. If it is discovered, she is a werewolf her life would be in danger.

Aimon has only been a werewolf for three years and it was Gaharet who turned him when he was near death, so he is very familiar with what it takes to control the wolf. Gaharet is Katherine’s cousin, and everyone believes he is dead which he isn’t. As the alpha he welcomes Katherine into the pack and promises she will never be alone and will always be protected. It was Gaharet who immediately knew that Katherine and Aimon were mates, but they are both unfamiliar with everything that pertains to werewolves.

Archeveque Renaud is responsible for the deaths of most of the werewolves using wolfsbane and silver information that he obtained from the traitor who is working with him to destroy Lothair and the wolves.

Aimon and Katherine have strong feelings for each other, but Aimon is determined to keep his feelings from her giving her the chance to decide who she will marry without his interference.

Secrets, surprises, betrayal, sex and everything you could want in a werewolf book, well at least everything I want. The traitor is still unknown, but I picked up on something the author wrote so I can’t wait to discover if I am right.

Each book in this series is about a different couple but the background story regarding the death of werewolves and the betrayal is there so I highly recommend reading this series in order beginning with Wolf’s Keep.

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