REVIEW : A Bride for Frank – The Prescott Brides Book #2 – Cynthia Woolf

A Bride for Frank Book Cover A Bride for Frank
The Prescott Brides Book #2
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Romance, Vicorian Romance, Western Romance, Women's Fiction
Firehouse Publishing
August 22, 2022

Five lady outlaws sent to prison for bank robbery. Their sentences commuted to time served if they become mail-order brides.
Five brothers looking for wives, take a chance on the outlaw brides.
Will they find happiness or heartache?

This is Maisie's story.

Maisie Sheahan was married to a monster. Luckily he died. Unlucky for her, he owed money to a very cruel man and that man wants his money…from Maisie or else she would pay the price…with her life. The only choice she had was to rob a bank with her friends, all of whom have their own reasons for needing the money. Maisie never wanted to marry again. Marriage equaled pain. The only thing her husband left her was the map to a gold mine which she intends to find.

Frank Campbell wants a family and children. He loves doting on his nieces but wants his own children to dote on. Can he convince Maisie that he’s not like her dead husband? Can he show her that marriage should be full of joy not pain? He’ll help her find her mine, hoping to give him time to prove to her he’s not like her husband was.

Roy Slade wants the money Maisie owes his boss. But he has his own agenda. He wants the map to the mine and he doesn’t plan on leaving Maisie and Frank left to talk.

Will Maisie and Frank find their joy and manage to keep Slade from killing them?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This series is about five women serving five years for robbing a bank. The women, Maisie her twin sister Lottie, Fiona, Ivy and Gwen have been offered a chance to have the rest of their sentences reduced to time served if they agree to become mail-order brides. They are each to marry one of the Campbell brothers the owners of the Circle C Ranch and each brother is well aware that their future brides were bank robbers.

This is the second book and it is Maisie and Frank’s story. Although these books don’t have to be read in order since the author does a great job of letting the reader know what transferred previously it would be a shame to miss out on a romantic story set in the 1800’s and not have first-hand knowledge of what each brother and their mail-order wives go through. Each woman had a very interesting reason for robbing a bank and it had nothing to do with living a rich life.

Maisie was picked by Frank and she is marrying him to be close to her sister Lottie. Maisie was married to a man her father sold her to, a man who abused her to the point she was ready to end his life. Fortunately, while in the middle of a robbery he was killed by someone else. He left Maisie fearful of men and in debt. He borrowed money from the wrong person and Roy Slade has been sent by his boss to collect. If she doesn’t get the money Lottie would be in danger.

Frank is totally different from her ex-husband but she still wonders when he will show his true self. No matter how many times Frank tells her he would never hurt her the men in her life left her distrustful. Each day Frank proves he is a man of honor, a man who respects women and especially his wife. How can she trust that he means what he says when her father sold her to a monster. She keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She needs to get her share of the stolen money and find the gold mine her husband left a map of. It is while she is running to meet Roy Slade that she finally sees the man her husband truly is but their lives are in danger and she may not live long enough to have a happy life with him.

Although each book begins with the author giving the reader a full background story about the women, and the men they are going to marry it doesn’t distract from the story. Each woman has a past that could threaten their futures and each story is filled with romance and suspense.

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