Alien Redeemed Book Cover Alien Redeemed
Zyrgin Warriors, Book 7
Marie Dry
Paranormal, Science Fiction, Romance
Independently Published
October 29, 2019

On a harsh alien planet, in a faraway galaxy, Sarah, a gentle human woman, is determined to start a new life, far away from the hardship she endured on Earth and the pitying glances of her friends.

Once on Zyrgin, Sarah finds that, instead of being the empress and helpmeet at the side of the Zyrgin leader, she is merely his breeder. She is trapped in a gilded cage, not allowed to go out and interact with the other women on the planet, until she's proven her loyalty to the empire by birthing Zaar’s child. After her traumatic experiences in the raider camps, and the resultant PTSD, Sarah doubts she could ever make love to her Zyrgin warrior.

Zaar assures her he has a superior plan to cure her of her problem. But is he able to reach through all the barriers Sarah has erected against true intimacy?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the final book in this series, a series I hope you have been reading. If not start now, it is also my favorite.

Zaar is the ruler of all known galaxies whose breeder took her own life rather than be with him any longer. Zaar is not willing to get another breeder, but the leader of their religion tells him about a prophecy, a prophecy that predicts a small woman with golden hair and a birthmark of swords. This woman will be his new breeder and redeem his honor, an honor he does not consider he lost.

Sarah is a woman who has lived through being sold into slavery to raiders who raped, starved and tortured her and whatever else they could come up with to hurt her. Zyrgin warriors finally saved her and it has been almost a year since she went from one prison to another, only this prison is one she has made for herself, staying in a small room constantly reliving her nightmare and always fearing being kidnapped again.

Zaar sees pictures of Sarah and her birthmark. Much as he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t want another breeder, there is something about her that draws him time and again to spy on her, unseen. Zaar manages to avenge Sarah and those raiders that took her are in a hell of their own. When Zaar approaches Sarah with the idea of being his breeder and returning to his planet it doesn’t take long before she realizes she has nothing to lose. Living the way she is and having the pity of her friends and the fear of venturing out she accepts his offer.

Sarah spends a year in stasis aboard a spaceship until she arrives on Zyrgin to begin her life with the most powerful being in the universe. She has no illusion as to what is expected of her but she knows that having sex after what she was put through is not something she can even contemplate. Other than being touched by a man, she has no problem putting Zaar in his place and making demands, for some reason this powerful man who apparently can poof (as she calls it) from place to place does not scare

Time and again Zaar patiently tries what he calls the first knowing and time and again it ends with a promise to try again tomorrow. Sarah wants to be loved and wants children but she has to overcome her fear, even though she has no doubt that Zaar will not hurt her. As powerful as he is, he is the opposite with her, gentle and caring. She wants more than anything to finally make love with him. This is all I will say about the relationship between Zaar and Sarah, you will have to find out for yourself. There is a lot more to this story than just what happens in the bedroom. The story has a revolt from another planet, violence, death, and even killer plants—something for everyone. I loved this series and the ending left me convinced that there will be a sequel. I can hope, can’t I?

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