Review: Dying Soldier – Jamie Lynn Miller

Dying Soldier Book Cover Dying Soldier
Shadow Unit Book 4
Jamie Lynn Miller
M/M Military Intrigue
July 2, 2018

Serving with the elite anti-terrorism task force known as Shadow Unit, Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller have faced arms dealers, drug lords, terrorists, rogue CIA agents and biological weapons. But with the unconditional support of their team, and more importantly, their love for one another, they possess the strength to survive any challenge. But how do you fight an enemy you can’t see? When a mission in Sierra Leone takes an unexpected turn, Connor and Shawn find themselves under quarantine and in isolation, their lives hanging in the balance between life and death. This time, their team is on the outside, looking in. Have Connor and Shawn finally found themselves in a battle they cannot win?

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

When we began this series, we were introduced to Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller, dedicated soldiers working covert ops for Shadow Unit – a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

We have traveled all over the globe with these two young men in this unit, risking their lives to foil the bad guys and keep people safe! We the readers have also seen them deal with lasting medical and psychological issues they had to overcome. No easy job…by no means. Our author seems to write about many young men; first responders, paramedics, firefighters, military….an adrenaline junkie herself me thinks.

In this next book, Ms Miller again puts Shawn and Connor in the worst fight for their lives. I do not want to give away anything, but this one was the hardest on me to read, they are family to me, they have overcome the worst and again Death is at their front door. Do not miss this or the series.

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