REVIEW : FANG’D- Vin George

Fang'd Book Cover Fang'd
Vin George
Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Shifters, Gay Fantasy
Little Storm Press
June 22, 2022

Who is the antsy, beautiful guy in my passenger seat? Or rather, what is he?

Wrongly accused of murder and running for his life, Charley took a chance on the hot stranger with a fast car. He didn’t expect the gorgeous Luc to have any insights into Charley’s increasingly strange symptoms. He certainly didn’t expect to learn the fantastical stories he’d heard as a child were true. And he definitely didn’t expect to feel so strongly for someone he only just met.

Luc’s impulsive offer has landed him in charge of a sexy, enticing, not entirely human someone. Charley might have vampire blood. Surely that should make him less attractive and not more? But the mysterious Charley is irresistible, addictive even. Luc is determined to protect him from anyone and anything…mortal or otherwise.

Fang’d is the sexy first book in the Evergreen Council series, featuring a bratty half-vampire on the run, his stubborn wolf-shifter protector, and a fascinating world of supernatural beings hiding in the shadows. HEA. Standalone.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I am a voracious reader and I love when a new author crosses my path and I can ‘check them out’…. I am a review chair for a book guild and I do have my choice of authors from all over the world. So finding Fang”d is a long story, but it was fate.

Lately I find many authors are writing 200 page stories which although good, some readers still adore a novel that might entail more pages and remain with the characters longer. So when I saw Fang’d written by Vin George, I liked the paranormal premise and sat down to read it. Soooo happy I did.

The meeting of Charley and Luc quickly intrigued me, wanting to know what each one of them were. Our author kept the pace well and I was immersed very quickly in quite an interesting story!

Charley is almost hit by Luc’s car, running wildly thru the woods. He is being chased by a biker gang accused of killing one of their members. Luc picks him up, and as we find Luc is a wolf and all his wolf tells him is ‘help, protect, mine’

Charley is a mess, he needs help and Luc is determined to be that person. This storyline is worked out beautifully between Charley and Luc’s relationship, The introduction of other memorable characters, thus giving the reader many surprises, including a great ending …..yet open for more.

I must also comment on the way our author dealt with what these two lovers were and how both were not human and not being from the same paranormal family was quite well done.

If there is an addition to this for a second book, I would not be sad. All in all Fang’d was quite a refreshing read and as an American being driven thru a different countryside…it was fun!

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