REVIEW – Heart of Shadow: Heart Wish Mail Order Brides Book# 2 -Cynthia Woolf

Heart of Shadow Book Cover Heart of Shadow
Heart Wish Mail Order Brides Book# 2
Cynthia Woolf
Angel, Time travel, Historical western romance
Firehouse Publishing
April 29, 2022

Tough as nails rancher Abe Condon needs to produce children to inherit his property, so he sends for a mail-order bride. Love will not be part of the deal. He's had his share of heartbreak and harbors no illusions about his future wife; she will most likely be hiding from the law or a cold hearted...well.. just cold.

Nothing prepares Abe for the beautiful vision in burgundy that steps off the train, or the pain he sees flickering in her eyes. She may not be cold, but she is definitely hiding something. She couldn't possibly be as sweet as she seems, and yet darned if his cowboy upbringing doesn't make him want to wrap her up and keep her safe.

A contemporary woman of the twenty-first century, Maddie Porter is given a second chance; get out of Purgatory and earn her angel wings by answering a deserving man's Heart Wish. A wish from deep in his heart that he doesn’t even know he has.

In 1881, one look into this cowboy's emerald eyes and Maddie knows she is willing to risk everything to grant his Heart Wish and keep her cowboy safe, even lose her own soul to the angel hunters looking for her. She has just seven days…and nights…to show this man that love is a risk worth taking.

Review by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Maddie Porter has been in Purgatory for years waiting to be called by Gabriel and hopefully earn her wings. When she is finally called, she discovers that a year on Earth is one day in Purgatory so she has been dead for seven years. While alive she was betrayed by her husband and, best friend and they didn’t wait to marry, it was six months after her funeral.

Gabriel assigns her to grant a heart wish to Abraham Condon who wants a family, a family he doesn’t believe he deserves and in seven days Maddie has to convince Abe to love her and to reunite him with his sister who he believed died in the tornado that took the lives of his parents and five siblings. It seems an impossible task and if that wasn’t enough, she needs to be careful of angel hunters who want to kill her.

A twenty-first century woman is now sent back to 1881 to be a mail-order bride and gain her husband’s love in a mere seven days. When she meets Abe, she is immediately attracted to him and he makes sure to reinforce his claim that he would never love her or any children they have. There is no wait for consummating their marriage it happens soon after they say their I-dos. The sooner they have sex the sooner she believes she can gain his love and their sex life is very satisfying to both of them.

Maddie is fitting in to her new home and the lack of modern conveniences she is used to and wants Abe to love her so that she can be with him and time is running out. Then the feared angel killers show up with guns in hand and she is the target. The days are flying by and Maddie’s assignment is no closer to being finalized as on the day she first arrived.

Loved this book and highly recommend it in addition to all the other books by Ms. Woolf, wonderful characters, romance, and mystery. I read every book in one sitting and just can’t wait for more.




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