Review: Kept in the Dark – Charlie Cochet

Kept in the Dark Book Cover Kept in the Dark
Locke and Keyes Agency Book 1
Charlie Cochet
LGBT Military suspense
August 20, 2019

Former Army Ranger turned government assassin Álvaro Montero and CIA Officer Caiden Cardosa crossed paths two years ago in Vienna, where their encounter ended less than amicably—despite the explosive sexual chemistry between them.

Now Caiden is riding a desk at Langley after his cover is blown. And Álvaro—who was “killed”—has a new identity and purpose as Delta/D, an operative for the Locke and Keyes Agency, under the leadership of the mysterious Alpha Orion.

When D and Caiden team up in a deadly black ops mission, the urge to kill each other will have to take a back seat to the desire for revenge against the man who betrayed them both. Surviving the mission won’t be easy. Resisting the passion between them—that might be impossible.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair

A new series for Ms. Cochet a slam dunk at keeping up with what she does best! A new series written just for us!

THIRDS, her first series was strongly acclaimed in the writing community where we followed a paranormal military theme. For those who follow her work, have continued to enjoy The Four Kings Series, no longer with a paranormal theme, but again a group of assorted ex military all working together to save humanity. So when I saw a new series with her name on it, I was all in!

If you’ve read the blurb, you find who the two main characters are and what their past is; but not all…..and that is the background of this story as well as the mission. With Cade unhappily sitting at a desk job, to go back into the field undercover is heaven. But the horror of seeing a ghost is something else.

Again I must say, Ms Cochet is the champion of love conquers all! Her stories are sexy and hot when they need to be, and her adventures and ops are always fearsome. But the thing I love the most about her books, is her love for family which shines in every one of these books. The men who only have each other become the family they have lost.

I am all in again…….

We are introduced to a new group of courageous misfits; pitting their strength and love for people and country.

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