REVIEW : Kissing Frogs- Dreamspun Beyond – Terry Wylis

Kissing Frogs Book Cover Kissing Frogs
Dreamspun Beyond
Terry Wylis
Gay Romance, Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 18, 2023

Modern-day American “prince” Ellis Faraday has a problem: he’s been a frog for a year, his time before hibernation is ending, and he’s afraid there will be nothing left of him come spring. The castle-house up the hill seems like a promising place to start looking for a cure… if he can convince a human to take him seriously. A conversation—and maybe a kiss—with the pretty man who owns the koi pond might do the trick.

On a Friday night, Galen Townsend just wants to curl up and read in the backyard of the house he shares with his brothers, but the frog addressing him from the wall of the koi pond has him questioning his sanity. Moreso when he gives the frog a peck on the nose—just to be nice—and the frog becomes a handsome, precious man.

Unfortunately, Galen’s “cure” proves temporary. After a few hours, Ellis is back to hopping and croaking, but at least he has an ally and a warm place to stay. Now they just have to keep Galen’s brothers from discovering a frog in the house while they work out how to break the spell. How many kisses can it possibly take?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Galen Townsend and his two brothers inherited the castle his parents built in Massachusetts, they joined together to invest their inheritance and formed the Townsend Consulting Co. which has brought them huge success and money. On weekends his brothers go out and hit the town and this weekend Galen decided to spend his Friday night with a good book and a beer. When he heard someone talking to him and a search only showed a frog in his vicinity, he was sure he was being pranked or he was dreaming. How was it possible that a frog was talking to him, and it had an attitude like asking him if he was old enough to drink when he saw the beer.

Ellis Faraday has been a frog for a year ever since his date, Wayne put a spell. Ellis explains to Galen that he must find a princess to kiss him, but Galen would do in a pinch. Still in a state of shock Galen kisses Ellis and leaves him sitting on a lily pad in his koi pond. Ellis gets a rude awakening when he nearly drowns after falling off the lily pad. Now in human form he crawls to the gazebo, finds two blankets and settles in till morning. Unfortunately, when morning comes, he is once again a frog.

Ellis needs to find Galen but knocking on the door is impossible, so the next best thing is to jump on a box that was just delivered which is what he did and where Galen found him. Galen is determined to help Ellis once he gets his brain to accept what is happening. At 9:00 PM Ellis once again turns human and stays that way for a few hours. Each day the time Ellis can remain human increases and each day the two men find a way to live with each other while Galen attempts to find a permanent cure for a man he is beginning to feel more than friendship towards.

Ellis has been missing from his family for a year but there is no way he can return home when his turning into a frog is still unpredictable. Each day Ellis wonders if he wants to go on, but Galen makes sure he lifts his spirits convincing him that a cure is possible, and his life will return to normal. Something Galen prays is true.

I don’t remember the last time I read a story about a frog turning into a man, but I am very happy that I got to read this one. This was a fun, fast read and the characters were wonderful. There were some moments that made me laugh out loud involving a vacuum cleaner and a brother who hates frogs.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a story filled with humor and fantasy.

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