REVIEW : Melody of the Snow – Melody Series Book #2 -Blake Allwood

Melody of the Snow Book Cover Melody of the Snow
Melody Series Book #2
Blake Allwood
MM Romance, LGBTQ Romance
Blake Allwood Publications
Nov 15, 2022

Family inheritance or his own passion… Can he have both?

Hunter’s life is turned upside down when he’s forced to leave his ‘job of a lifetime’. When chance tosses him into the path of a very talented, and handsome young nurse, his life takes on a new direction he never could’ve anticipated.

Cam’s focus had shifted from pursuing his musical passion to nursing. But a one-night stand quickly changes into so much more, especially when that one-night stand ends up helping to run his late grandmother’s resort.

Career changes, inheritances, and a greedy corporation all make it seem impossible for these two men to make it. But, on the slopes of Colorado, they might just find love in the melody of the snow.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

After reading the first book in this series ‘Melody of the Heart’ I was so happy to see a number two from this author for this series. I had no idea where this book would go as #1 was a full sweet story with a happy ending for Jonas and Orlando and music.

I was happily surprised, seeing the blurb there were new characters, new story line. I would be reading a series about two other young me following their “passion; following their dreams, where ever that would take them.

It all started with a hookup! Two young gay men in the same club, at the same time! The sexual tension was high, their meeting so temporary, they were both leaving town in the morning. So what could go right?

Again Blake Allwood has taken a ‘theme’ and wound a beautiful story with great meaning. At best this is one of this authors strong points; among taking the reader along with a beautiful story .

Cam is a nurse, dedicating his life to the service of others. He is on leave to return to his hometown to bury his beloved grandma and meet with attorneys about his inheritance. Hunter’s life is turned updise down when he is forced to leave the job he has worked hard for. Both are at turning points as they meet in a local gay bar.

Our author writes a steamy meeting, as both have choices to make in their lives and expect never to see each other again. Fate intervenes and this is a wonderful novel of family, sharing and two finding each other……Blake you have made me a believer!!!

Wonderful writing, wonderful story, hot steamy scenes….what more could a reader ask for?

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