REVIEW: Mission: Betrayal -Bear’s Brigade Book #2- Emily Mims

Mission: Betrayal Book Cover Mission: Betrayal
Bear's Brigade Book #2
Emily Mims
Multicultural, Interacial Romance, Military Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
April 25, 2023



Preston Ramos knows most families are dysfunctional, but his has so many layers of messed up even he can't believe what his father's asking him to do. Yet, guilt and brotherly love have Preston going to South America with a woman he can't stand who he wants to bed with a desire he's never felt before.

Sergeant Sabina Kaslov is proud to be a part of Bear's Brigade. The Special Ops team members are shadows who accomplish the impossible in the face of absolute danger.

But she fears this mission will surely see civilian casualties, especially since they have an idiot cop attached to their team. She's never met a more infuriating, ignorant, biased man who has the face of a vengeful angel and the body of a warrior.

Neither can afford to be distracted, but combustible chemistry cannot be denied, and what awaits them at home cannot be ignored.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Preston Ramos is a police officer with the San Antonio PD, and he has used his position to assist his father when need arose and it has once again. His father informed him that Dominic Kaslov, a Romani (Gypsy) had stolen ten million dollars from the company, and he wants Preston to investigate his sister Sabina.

It doesn’t take long for Preston to obtain her address and he immediately goes there to check on her only this action would lead to surprising results and death. He saw her trying to break into an apartment which she states is hers and she didn’t have the key, the manager of the building is not available, and he has her arrested.

In the police station he refuses to hand over her phone and all his questions pertain to her brother Dominic and his theft. His prejudice against Romani is loud and clear and when he finally gives her back her phone the military comes calling. She was to be part of a mission where three people were kidnapped, one an eight-year-old boy but due to Preston’s bias that caused her delay they were all killed.

Sabina is part of Colonel Bear Bustamante’s black ops team, and he was not going to allow what happened to go unpunished, Preston was suspended for thirty days without pay and required to attend classes about treating people with respect, and the teacher was none other than Sabina.

There was no doubt there was hatred on the part of both Sabina and Preston while at the same time they couldn’t understand their attraction. When Preston’s father once again calls informing him that his brother has left for Colombia, and convinced he was taken against his will be Dominic Kaslov he wants Preston involved. Dominic also notified his family he was leaving the country, so this put Sabina and Preston in the same situation.

The members of Sabina’s team discover that the men are looking to steal emeralds and sell them to a government official wanted by both the United States and Colombia for backing terrorist organizations. With pressure from his father Preston gets himself added to the team with the belief that he is the only one that can get through to his brother while he is there to protect him.

The search for the two men is on and Sabina and Preston are portraying a married couple on vacation looking for friends. Being together in the same room with only one bed they both give into their desires, but there is no future for them when Preston is bigoted about Romani, and he is convinced that his brother is in Colombia against his will.

When Dominic and Jeremy’s hotel room is bugged everyone is shocked by what they witness and the question of who is responsible for them being there is answered. Secrets, surprises, sex and betrayal are just a small part of what goes on in this book, a book I highly recommend.

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