REVIEW: Oathsworn – CharmD Saga- Sebastian Black

Oathsworn Book Cover Oathsworn
CharmD Saga
Sebastian Black
Magic Romance, Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
Aug 10, 2023

Former chef Jasper Wight has been magically ensnared in his apartment for over three months. Cabin fever doesn’t begin to cover it. All he can do to pass the time is indulge in his hobby—painting portraits of his neighbors. But once a handsome new man moves into a swanky nearby penthouse, Jasper is no longer content merely to watch. Following his gut, he reaches out through astral projection….

Finn Anderson is the CEO of a food app funded by his parents, but he struggles to believe in the dream. When a mysterious someone starts leaving messages on his mirror, he learns the world holds more possibilities than he ever imagined.

When a chance encounter brings Finn to Jasper’s door, the pair are soon as enamored with each other as Finn is of the magic he’s just discovering. But navigating a relationship that spans two worlds is only the tip of the iceberg. They still have to figure out how to free Jasper from his apartment, how to make Finn’s business into a success, and whether an outsider can be trusted with the secrets of the magical world.


Review by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Oathsworn is my first story by Sebastian Black, and I am interested to see how they move forward with this series, bringing other characters and their relationships to life.

Jasper is a mage that has been stuck in his New York apartment for several months. Quite literally not even able to put a hair through the doorway. He’s taken to astral projection to his neighbour’s apartment across the way because, well, why not? He’s a good-looking guy and it’s fun to leave messages on the mirror. Unfortunately, Finn doesn’t find it that funny. He’s already stressed with problems at work, and this is just winding him up even more when at home. It’s complete luck that he finds himself outside of Jasper’s front door and suddenly finding out about a whole different part of life that humans are in the dark about.

I wasn’t sold on the relationship between Jasper and Finn as things seemed to go quite quickly with a bare explanation that was accepted, though given time they develop a good connection and have the chance to explore their differences and what they can each bring to the relationship. With them being from different worlds – human/mage, living standards, income – there may be experiences and expectations on both sides but Finn actually goes with everything very easily and is very happy to step back from his intense life that his parents seems to have been controlling while Jasper needs to trust that Finn is with him for the right reasons, not just for his magic.

We have some very interesting side characters to keep things entertaining as well. Both sets of parents leave a fair bit to be desired while Finn’s coworker, Gabriel, cannot get his comeuppance quickly enough. Very much who thinks they deserve the world and is happy to shove you out the way to shine the brightest.

Oathsworn makes for an interesting story with several different aspects to it. The developing relationship between two very different men, as well as it being against the Mage’s laws to let a human know about the existence of magic. Finn’s own business has been slowly twisted into something he doesn’t want. Then there is Jasper’s inability to leave his apartment, a conundrum if ever there was one that can only have a magical solution. Maybe by working together they can figure things out for each other as well as get to keep the person who makes them happiest.

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