REVIEW : Protected by a Vampire- Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book #5- Susan Griscom

Protected by a Vampire Book Cover Protected by a Vampire
Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book #5
Susan Griscom
Paranormal Vampire Romance, Witches and Wizards, Vampire Romance
June 11, 2019

Can love like theirs withstand the ravages of time?

Gage McAllister, the oldest vampire in The Lost Boys Rock Band, tries to stay away from the brave young woman who helped him recover from a debilitating stab wound five years ago. She reminds him of his past love and he vowed centuries ago to never go down that path again. Only he's constantly drawn to her. It's as though some invisible force keeps pushing him in her direction and his need to protect her is overwhelming.

Acelynn Baird finds Gage intriguing yet dangerous and knows she should stay clear of him. She senses something powerful about him and even though she has dabbled in witchcraft, she's not sure she's ready to discover the secrets that lurk under the cover of darkness. Except fate keeps shoving them together and that old attraction she had for him when she was just a kid only grows stronger with each encounter.

A past that haunts, a steamy desire that fuels the burn, and a passion like no other sizzles.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Gage McAllister is the oldest member of the Lost Boys rock and roll band and if you have been reading this series in order than you know about him, if you haven’t been reading this book from book one you are missing out big time. Like the rest of the band Gage is a vampire but he is the only one who has not found his mate. Gage lost the love of his life, Maisie, and has resigned himself to spending eternity alone.

Five years ago, Gage came upon a rogue vampire attacking a young girl and when he stepped in to help, he was stabbed with a knife covered in poison. Despite telling the girl to run she stayed and saved him by taking him back to her home where she stitched up his wound. Her name, Acelynn Baird (Ace) and Gage feels an attraction to her, an attraction she returns when she kisses him. Gage knows she is young, so he walks away but unknown to her he watches her from afar till she leaves.

Five years and Gage can’t get Ace out of his mind and is shocked when paramedics are called to treat a fallen man and one of them is the girl he can’t forget. When Ace locks eyes on Gage she is excited because like Gage she hasn’t been able to forget him. When the same vampire from five years ago attacks Ace again this time with a werewolf Gage is near and able to save her. Ace reminds Gage of his lost love but there is no future for a vampire and a human.

There must be a reason this same vampire is going after Ace and Gage hopes that Vanessa will be able to get some answers. Vanessa is a witch/vampire and reveals that Ace is a witch and asks to hypnotize her to get answers. The answers they get are a shock to Gage and Ace because her memories are Maisie’s memories, memories that Gage remembers as if they happened yesterday.

I don’t want to reveal anything about Gage and Maisie’s past because it was heartbreaking. Vanessa believes that Maisie has been reincarnated and Ace recalls everything that happened between Gage and Maisie as if it happened to herself. Why the same vampire keeps attacking Ace is a story you must read for yourself.


Each book in this series gets better and better, which doesn’t always happen with a series. This book was full of surprises and secrets and at times it was heartbreaking. Gage and Ace have had a connection since the first time they encountered each other, and that connection just grew stronger. I highly recommend this series and I highly recommend reading them in order despite them all being stand-alone. Each book follows a member of the band and the women they meet and fall in love with. All the characters are recurring from book to book, and we do get an update on them which I love.

Now that all the members of the band have had their own book there is still more coming.

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