Review: Publish or Perish – Kerry Blaisdell

Publish or Perish Book Cover Publish or Perish
Kerry Blaisdell
Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Lello Ball Enterprises
August 5, 2019


When computer whiz Emma O'Manny's scientist husband dumps her on Valentine's Day, vandalizing his office seems like a justifiable--if petty--response. But then Dan's small plane crashes under mysterious circumstances, and Emma's suddenly the prime suspect in a double homicide. Worse, Dan may have faked important vaccine safety research, to further his career--and the digital trail leads to Emma. Can she determine which data is correct, to prove her innocence? Or will Dan keep controlling her life, even from the grave?


Detective Vin Bronislovas came to Portland to rebuild his reputation, after nearly blowing a years-long investigation by believing the lies of a mobster's daughter. A single misstep--like falling for another suspect--would destroy his career and ruin his life. But when the killer strikes again, and Emma and her children are threatened, Vin must choose between the Job and love. Can he trust his gut? Or will repeating his past mistakes allow a murderer to go free, and potentially put millions of children at risk from an unsafe vaccine?


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Emma O’Manny will never forget Valentine’s Day because it was the day her scientist husband Dan brought her candy, flowers and divorce papers. Emma worked as Dan’s assistant for ten years only now she was replaced by the very woman who her husband is taking to Hawaii, so she replaced her both at home and at the office. Overcome with anger she goes to work on decorating Dan’s office and it isn’t pretty. When she is finally done she finds herself staring into the eyes of two police officers, one of which she manages to throw up on. It is Parker James the President of the University who comes to her rescue.

Vin Bronislovas destroyed his career in Chicago when his undercover assignment went way wrong. Vin fell in love with the Capo’s daughter and when he revealed who he really was she ran straight to daddy. Now no longer a detective and trying to put the past behind him he finds himself being thrown up on by a woman he finds himself totally attracted to. Is history repeating itself and will he make the same mistakes with Emma as he did before.

Dan O’Manny had been working on proving that a medication is not responsible for autism in children and he is about to be published. His findings could make a major difference in children’s lives and also for the pharmaceutical company producing it. Unfortunately Dan will never reap the benefit of his findings because as Emma is being questioned in his office by the police his plane went down killing all aboard.

Now Emma is a widow with an eleven year old boy and a six year old girl and has to explain to them that their dad is not coming home. Six months later the circumstances around Dan’s plane crash come to light and it becomes a murder investigation and as his scorned wife Emma becomes a suspect. This new chain of events puts Emma and Vin in close contact leading to very close contact of the sexual nature.

As Emma and Vin become closer and closer more and more evidence comes to light and it all points to Emma. Afraid of falling once again for the wrong woman Vin begins to wear blinders and only sees the negative where Emma is concerned and that is as big a problem as the one he previously had because it is keeping him from seeing the real facts and real guilty party or parties. People are being murdered and children’s lives are in the balance so Vin can’t afford to let his feelings for Emma get in the way of justice.

I loved this book, the characters, the mystery and especially Vin’s uncle Azi who suffers from Down Syndrome but doesn’t let it stand in his way. All in all a wonderful story that also touches on the problem of autism, vaccinations and Down Syndrome.


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