Review: Queen of Swords – L.A. McGinnis

Queen of Swords Book Cover Queen of Swords
The Banished Gods Series Book 1
L.A. McGinnis
Urban Fantasy/Mythology
Fool's Journey Press
February 19, 2019

My mother always told me that someday, there’d be hell to pay. I never believed her. Then I died.
Morgane Burke is a survivor. Returning to Chicago to fight the monsters who killed her family might not bring them back, but it would go a long way in balancing the scales. Finally, those scales are beginning to tip in her favor. But a far bigger war is brewing on the shores of Lake Michigan, a war poised to sweep her up in its deadly grasp. Can she find the strength she needs to battle the demons within her, as well as the ones coming to claim her soul?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been two years since Morgane Burke lost her mother and sister to monsters, monsters that mortals should not have been able to see. Morgane died twice on the way to the hospital which could have accounted for her ability to see the demons that took her family. A trip to Chicago for time to recover from their father’s death changed her life forever. Selling the house, cashing in the insurance she set out to return to Chicago to kill as many of the demons as she could. Unfortunately each time she was injured it would take her days to recoup her energy but now the demons are appearing in huge numbers no longer just a few at a time.

Morgane did her usual night time hunting and it was then that she faced not a few demons but hundreds of demons and at that moment she knew her hunting days and her life were over.

Also hunting was Loki and fortunately for Morgane he came upon her bleeding body in time to save her. Loki is just one of the gods that were banished to Earth as punishment and whose purpose is to kill demons and protect mankind. Odin the All Father has grown bitter and hostile after centuries on Earth after the fall of Asgard due to Loki’s trust in his daughter Hel the Queen of the Dead, a trust that was totally misguided.

With help from Mir the God of Knowledge Morgane is saved but her arrival just enraged Odin who was ready to kill her while Loki is determined to keep her alive. Odin has a proposition for Morgane to keep her from losing her soul and remaining in the Underworld. She would go to Hel and find and save Bader, Odin’s son returning with him to Earth. Morgane of course had an idea of her own, save not only Bader but her mom and sister as well, something Odin did not take kindly too. He did not take kindly to anyone who did not do exactly what he wanted.

The banished gods are fighting Hel’s demons nightly, Loki is trying to keep Morgane and her sister who they saved alive and Odin is determined to make a deal with Hel keeping the demons from ever appearing on Earth again and that deal would be deadly for one person, a person I won’t reveal.

This book is mythology, romance, violence, suspense, betrayal and an entire new take on the banished gods. Why Morgane seems to be wanted by Hel, who is Hel working with in her attempt to take over Earth and enslave everyone including the Gods, what happens between Loki and Morgane whose relationship grows closer and closer is not something I will reveal in this review but is something well worth your time and money especially if mythology is a genre you enjoy.

This is not a book that ends in a cliffhanger but does leave you wanting more and knowing that there are still questions to be answered and still a war between good and evil.





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