REVIEW : Scion – The Dark World Book #3 – Tony Paul de Vissage

Scion Book Cover Scion
The Dark World Book #3
Tony Paul de Vissage
Horror, Occult fiction, Occult Horror
Raven Tale Publishing
Horror, Occult, Occult Horror

Raised by his great-aunt, after his parents’ deaths, Robin Walker is shocked to learn he’s heir to an island off the Georgia coast.

Twenty-one years before, Land’s End Island was the scene of Rob’s mother’s kidnapping and the eerie death of her abductor. Now, Drexl von Dorff’s fortune is being given to Lisa Chambers’ son.

In spite of his aunt’s urgings to refuse the bequest, Rob takes his sister to the island. There, he meets Joshua Edenfield, the island’s caretaker, and his sister, Anna, and a friendship develops between the four youngsters.

A library of occult books and horrendous nightmares send Rob and Josh delving into the island’s past, as well as their connection to it and the former owner. They discover a sinister relationship to each other, and a disturbing prophecy waiting to be fulfilled.

The legacy Drexl von Dorff left behind is still alive and waiting . . . for the heirs of Land’s End Island.

Review By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“I may have made a mistake coming here.” — Scion

Well, yeah. Once the protagonist admits that, you know you’re offand running down the path best not taken but which is inevitable nonetheless. Tony-Paul de Vissage again employs the use of contemporary newspaper clippings not only for exposition in Scion but for a bit of scary foreshadowing as well. This is the final book of the Dark World trilogy.

Scion starts where I didn’t want it to. It’s my only complaint about the story but it was a necessary component and not totally unexpected—especially when you are a horror aficionado. Still, there are some characters you grow used to and want to see conquer the evil ones they’ve encountered along their way. When they’re gone, it’s disquieting!

However, the death of someone you’re rootingfor over the stories in a seriesserves to move the story along. It also allows for a new protagonist to develop. Robbie is that new character. He’s all grown up now, with a sister. Quite ominous events lead to Robbie returning to Land’s End Island, his ancestral home—of sorts—and his sister, Jenn, is with him.

There, they meet another brother and sister, Josh and Ann, with whom they have an unexpected connection. Their tenuous connections change as quite different relationships develop instead between Robbie and Ann, and Josh and Jenn. Unfortunately, quite horrific relations develop too and reach out with their tentacles of evil to snatch at them all. But evil doesn’t always get its way, no matter how long its tentacles are.

BTW, when I began reading this final installment in the Dark World series, it was very late on a dark night. The extremely creepy prologue very quickly made me regret that decision!

A four-and-a-half star reading a five-star series with an ending that proves evil can wait a very long time to get what it wants—or doesn’t.

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