REVIEW: Spies Without a Face – Salem Supernaturals Book #7 – Lisa Carlisle

Spies Without a Face Book Cover Spies Without a Face
Salem Supernaturals Book #7
Lisa Carlisle
Witches and Wizards, Werewolves and Shifters, Paranormal Romance
Dec 27, 2022

A midlife witch, the bear shifter next door, and an ex back from the dead

After dealing with so much dark magic in Salem, I'm giving everyone the side eye—even Austin, my new neighbor. Especially after I sense someone is watching me.

Austin asks me to hide a kitten of all things. Although I'm suspicious at first, I can't help the way I'm reacting to my handsome, way-too-young-for-me neighbor with the warm eyes.

I've sworn off dating since I broke up with my toxic ex but say yes to a "thank you for hiding my kitten" dinner.

Which is a disaster.

Worse, that same toxic ex—presumed dead for fifteen years—shows up at my door.

He wants me back, but I'm older and wiser now. Or am I?

For a witch content with her life and magical career, I now have my irresistible neighbor and my passionate first love interested in me.

Dare I risk my heart at a second chance at love?

Fated mates, found family, magic, and suspense. One click this fun and quirky standalone paranormal romance with an irresistible cinnamon roll hero!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Well, this is my seventh visit to Salem, and I have loved every one of them. This is Austin and Pandora’s
story plus reuniting with many of my favorite characters from the first six books. If you are a lover of
paranormal romance and have not read any of this series, you are missing out and should not wait to
begin the journey.

Pandora is the head witch of a magical unit in the Salem Supernatural Network and has had a feeling
that she is being watched, but nothing is there. She had a past love that ended badly and put her off
relationships, then a new neighbor and a little kitten would change everything. A knock on the door a
handsome man holding a tiny little kitten begging her to take the kitten while his landlord comes to
make a repair. He is not allowed to have cats according to his lease but how could he turn his back on
this helpless creature which is exactly how Pandora feels when he asks her to be an accomplice to his
hiding the kitten.

Austin discovered he was a bear shifter at the age of twenty-one when he suddenly shifted. He has been
trying to come to grips with his shifter side and hasn’t been able to find a place that feels like home.
When he first saw Pandora, his bear immediately recognized its mate, something Austin knows nothing
about and finds hard to accept. Whether he accepts the idea of a mate he still finds himself attracted to

Pandora finds Austin attractive, but he is at least ten years her junior and she can’t wrap her head
around the age difference. Making things worse is the appearance of her ex-fiancé who she assumed
was dead. After all the years Marius has been gone, he still gets her heart pounding, but he hasn’t
changed, dark magic and power are his passion and not something Pandora accepted in the past or
would accept in the future.

Pandora sees a side of Austin that is caring very evident by his affection for a little kitten in need of love
and care. Unfortunately, every time Austin spends time with Pandora his nerves get the better of him
and disaster occurs. His first dinner ended with him spilling his beer in her lap, knocking the waitress
bringing their dessert so it fell on the floor and the trip home ending in a fender bender. It would take all
her friends and some of my favorite past characters to try to bring Pandora and Austin together.
Marius is still determined to win Pandora back; Pandora is unwilling to accept the idea of being Austin’s
mate and a team of friendly supernaturals are all working towards a HEA. Everything you could want in a paranormal romance is in this series and even though each book is a standalone I highly recommend
reading all of them. Romance, Sex, lies, betrayal and magic and amazing characters.




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