REVIEW: Teacher – Roe Horvat

Teacher Book Cover Teacher
Roe Horvat
LGBTQ, Gay Erotic Romance
Independently Published
October 20, 2021

I have the best job in the universe—I treat omegas in heat. I’ve been doing it for seventeen years and can safely say that I’m immune to that inconvenient sickness called love.

I’m the great Walter Sébastien, the preeminent heat teacher with an internationally famous magic dick and the self-control of a martial-arts monk. I’m a sex god with a heart of stone, an invincible pleasure master, your can-go-all-night-long fantasy lover, the emperor of orgasms... He Who Would Never Fall Again.

Then one day, a nerdy little single dad with trembling fingers and inconspicuous glasses smiles at me, and I’m screwed. I’m not supposed to go down like this. I’ve never even kissed a client, let alone fallen for one.

Except Daniel Chevalier isn’t like any other client.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild

This book was awaited with trepidation. We had read about Walter the very eminent Heat Teacher that has been very well established in his field, loving his job, no attachments thank you very much!

Roe Horvat has written a series of stories within this M preg Omegaverse citing Walter in a few novellas. You always worry when you think of the author, how much will we have to suffer for an HEA.

This story was magic from the beginning, with the Teacher being tamed by a simply sweet nice man with no airs and a beautiful kid, taming this so called sex god one kiss at a time.

Loved the story…. Sexy and Sweet!



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