REVIEW : The Eureka City Bride (The Marshals Mail Order Brides Book 4)

The Eureka City Bride Book Cover The Eureka City Bride
The Marshals Mail Order Brides Book 4
Cynithia Woolf
Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing

Vivien Fitzhugh gave up her Pinkerton badge to track her best friend’s murderer. His last known location is Eureka City, Nevada. Ninety-nine percent of the population are either men or married to one. As she is far too feminine to pass for a man, she needs a husband. Pronto. Answering the mail-order bride ad for the marshal may just be the solution to her problem.

Marshal Reese Kelly wants to fit in with the town fathers. At least that’s the excuse he gives for ordering himself a mail-order bride. What he really wants is what his parents had; children and a happy home. Though he doesn’t hold much hope for a love match.

Vivien and Reese come together, each with their own agendas.

Will capturing Vivien's heart be enough to convince her they both deserve a chance at happily ever after?

REVIEW BY : Linda Tonis


Vvien Fitzhugh was a Pinkerton National Detective but her pursuit of justice for her best friend Jane left her with no other option but to resign. Vivien received word that Oliver Darnell, Jane’s husband and the man who killed her has been seen in Eureka City, Nevada so at long last her search could finally be coming to an end and she will have avenged Jane’s death.

Vivien is well aware that if she wants to work undercover, she has to be married, single women are fair game with most of the population in Eureka being male. Vivien signed up to be a mail-order bride and was surprised when she met her intended, Marshall Reese Kelly. Reese and Vivien were pleasantly surprised when they met, he because she was beautiful and she because what were the chances that she would be marrying a lawman.

Vivien decided to come clean with Reese and explain exactly why she was in Eureka and why she married him but that didn’t deter him in the least, he was married and he was staying married, no divorce and no annulment and surprisingly Vivien was not disappointed. What did disappoint her was the fact that she wanted to find Oliver and bring him to justice and Reese wanted her to stay home like a good little wife something she had no intention of doing.

Vivien puts herself in danger if she finds Oliver, he has already killed and won’t hesitate to do so again but he is not the only one who wants her dead. Danger is coming at her from two different people and for totally different reasons, reasons you will have to discover for yourself.

Another book about the past, a place I enjoy visiting but would definitely not have enjoyed living in. Vivien is a beautiful, stubborn woman and Reese is a handsome, stubborn man so is there a chance for the two to find a common ground and find a HEA. Romance, surprises and suspense and another book in a series I absolutely love and highly recommend.


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