REVIEW: Dark Intentions- Magick & Fangs Trilogy Book 1- Maggie Tideswell

Dark Intentions Book Cover Dark Intentions
Magick & Fangs Trilogy Book #1
Maggie Tideswell
Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance , Witches and Wizards
Sept 30, 2022

A vampire who doesn't want to be one is a danger to the girl who loves him. The vampire, Zanephyn Heardt, devises a plan to cure himself of his 'malady', and for that he needs the blood of a virgin.

It is a tragedy for Sophia when she has the misfortune of meeting Zane. They date for a year while he prepares himself. She has no idea that he is any different from other men.

But when a vampire is near, a witch is soon to appear. A spell is cast within the heart, that love will come and not depart - a secret handfasting performed without the bride and groom being present. They don't know each other, but will be brought together when the time is right.

Planning to move her relationship with Zane to a 'deeper' level, virgin Sophia Benning accidentally makes love with thewrong man, and falls pregnant. Zane merely adjusts his plans for her, and in the process becomes a danger to everyone closest to her.

Fortunately, the spell doesn't leave Sophia on her own. The wrong man is the one the spell leads to her, the one she is already handfasted to.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

There is more than one main character in this book and each one is amazing. Zanephyn Heardt a dhampir believes he can become normal with the blood of a virgin, Sophia Benning is the virgin he has picked as the one, Jared Walters, Sophia’s mistake and Lyle who will discover who and what she is when Zane’s mom comes calling.

I have introduced the main characters who will each in one way or another find themselves involved in each other’s life. When Zane sees Sophia at a club, he hones right in on her, and they begin a relationship although a relationship that is far from normal. They have dated for over a year with only seeing each other Wednesday and Saturday nights, no kissing and no sex. Despite Zane’s curious behavior Sophia is madly in love with him and after waiting for so long for him to make a move she takes it upon herself to push him into finally consummating their union. Laying naked on a remote part of the beach she lays down naked while touching herself wearing her sun hat on her face and waits for the man she loves.

Sophia has no idea that she is laying on the spot where thirty years ago a handfasting was held and a spell stating that “Love will come and not depart.” Sophia is the long-awaited bride and when Jared comes across her he is unable to restrain himself and he is the one who takes Sophia’s virginity. When she removes her hat she stares into the eyes of a total stranger. Jared is the groom expected due to the handfasting and realizes she belongs to him, unfortunately, Sophia does not agree and runs without even giving him her name.

Jared searches for the woman he wants to marry while she hides from him and continues her relationship with Zane. Little by little Zane begins to reveal a side of him she never saw, angry and at times scary. She has no idea what Zane has been going through to get ready for the ritual he will perform on Sophia, he needs the blood of seven women and leaves a trail of dead bodies. Now that Sophia is not a virgin what will he have to resort to now.

Lyle was Zane’s eighth victim, only she lived to become his blood pantry. He feeds off her and with his ability to control minds she never remembers anything other than the wound he leaves on her thigh. It is Zane’s mom who comes to her rescue informing her that her son is a vampire, and she is his twin sister and a witch, and she will begin training her. Lyle has been in love with Jared for years and is aware of Sophia and Jared’s feelings for her and that she is now dating the vampire who has been feeding off her.

So much happens to everyone in this book Sophia becomes pregnant and after having her head up her butt recognizes Zane for what he is. Jared wants to marry Sophia and raise their baby together, but she wants nothing to do with the man who makes her feel totally embarrassed every time she sees him.

Lyle has a lot to learn to protect her from Zane while coming to terms with the fact that Jared will never think of her as anything but a friend.

Surprises, secrets, romance, sex and a book that kept me engaged from beginning to end so that I did not want to put it down and didn’t. A different take on vampires but a very unique one. I can’t wait for book two and continue following Jared, Sophia, Zane and Lyle’s lives to see what comes next. Fortunately, as I write this review, I only have about a month to wait, yeah.

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