REVIEW: The Vampire’s Witch -The Rise of Orion- J.M. Davies

The Vampire's Witch Book Cover The Vampire's Witch
The Rise of Orion
J.M. Davies
Paranormal Vampire Romance, Witches and Wizards
August 1, 2023

This is the first thrilling spinoff from The Rise of Orion series, The Vampire's Witch!

As an ancient vampire, Roman De’ Luca has amassed wealth, power, and the title of Prince of the Northern Territories, all of which make his dark existence tolerable. But a chance encounter with an enticing witch, whose sweet scent and blood awaken his stone-cold heart, threatens all he has achieved.
Blade-throwing, thrill-seeking witch Isabella Lockhart is a skilled hunter for her coven. She’s made a good living killing monsters and working in the security team Orion. She’s also the black sheep of her family, always breaking the rules, and is a magnet for danger. After one too many reckless decisions, Isabella ends up being claimed by an arrogant vampire with life-changing consequences for them both.
When the hunter becomes the hunted and a battle for leadership morphs into a fight for their survival, the enemies-to-lovers are forced to put aside their differences. Together they journey across the globe for answers.
But time is running out.
Will Roman be able to prevent Isabella from becoming the very creature she loathed?
And at what cost?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Roman De’ Luca is an ancient vampire who has everything he could want, and his biggest enemy is Gabriel Brunelli, the self-appointed Emperor. Gabriel has named Roman the Prince of the Northern Territories, something he accepts because a fight between the two vampires would not come out in Roman’s favor, Gabriel has too many vampires backing him.

When Roman goes outside to get away from everything going on in his home, he comes across a witch fighting a monster to save a child. Roman is immediately drawn to this witch but when Gabriel discovers her his immediate reaction is death. Gabriel hates humans and sees them as nothing more than a meal but Roman refuses. Roman spent centuries killing and now it is something he doesn’t tolerate unless there is no other way.

Years later Roman has joined the private security team of Orion bringing him and his witch, Isabella Lockhart back together. Izzie is an agent for Orion and known for her reckless disregard for her own life. She always jumps in feet first without any thought of what danger she is going to face, and that mindset brought her into the presence of the Morrigan who left her for dead. With the insistence of other witches and Marcus Drayton the man who commands Orion Roman turned her.

Now Izzie is the monster she always hated, and her blood lust is a danger to any human near her. As her Maker Roman must keep a constant eye on her before she kills. Izzie hates Roman yet can’t stay away from him. She finally gets what she wants and she and Roman give into their desires only those desires create the baby now growing inside her.

Roman knows the history of what happens to a female vampire when pregnant and it does not end well for the female or child. Death is the outcome for a pregnant vampire and Roman does everything he can to get Izzie to terminate the pregnancy. He cannot imagine a life without Izzie and the life of a vampire is not calculated in years but in centuries.

When Gabriel becomes aware of the pregnancy, he sees Izzie as a breeding machine. With a little witchcraft Izzie is granted a reprieve from being a vampire and is now a human so Roman no longer must worry about her killing someone in her desperate need for blood but it doesn’teliminate the danger Gabriel poses.

With Izzies refusal to end her pregnancy Roman and her sister Zephra set out to find another witch who could have the answers they need regarding the baby. Their journey for answers takes them to Stonehedge and Egypt where more danger awaits them.

All Roman’s efforts to deny his love for Izzie fall to the wayside, unfortunately, Izzie will not believe his sudden declaration of love after his refusal to accept the baby and his constant attempts at avoiding any emotional displays. She may not accept that he loves her and may express her hatred but still her body hungers for him.

This book is a spinoff from the Rise of Orion Series which I am not familiar with, but I am happy to be at this new beginning. I am a paranormal romance fan and especially when it is about vampires. The characters are wonderful, but Izzie and Roman’s story is not done yet because Gabriel is waiting for his chance at Izzie or the baby.

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