REVIEW: To Love or Protect- Vampire Government Protector- Faith V. Smith

To Love or Protect Book Cover To Love or Protect
Vampire Government Protector
Faith V. Smith
Paranormal Romace, Vampire Romance, ,Romantic Suspense
Aug 12,2023

Kira Jackson, a former Marine, is close to achieving her goal of becoming part of the secret group of Government Vampire Protectors—or she will be if President Gareth Hayes drops his attitude toward women agents. It's a good thing he has no clue what he does to her emotions. Her physical attraction to the sexy widower is just the first issue when Kira discovers Gareth could be her eternal soul mate.

Gareth with his Army Ranger background would rather protect himself then have another agent killed while guarding him. Call him old fashion but having a woman as a protector goes against his motto women should be safeguarded against danger. But her femininity and bravery speak to him body and soul.

After terrorists target him, Gareth is forced to add a GVP agent to his security staff, but he's dead set against allowing the sexy Agent Jackson to fill that position. When White House security is breached and Air Force One goes down, Kira is forced to prove she's more than capable of doing her job.

Now what is he going to do about his growing fascination with her? Circumstances and the media toss Kira and Gareth into a shady limelight. The only thing that can save their reputations will be a forced matrimony. Her secret comes out and they must decide together if love will be enough to overcome "'til death do us part" with a vampire.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kira Jackson’s dream has come true she has been accepted as a Vampire Government Protector her next dream is to become one of President Gareth Hayes’ security detail. She is waiting outside the President’s door for her interview alongside her boss, Malachi King the Head of the Secret Service and a man she has known since she was born and is like a father to her. Malachi like Kira is a vampire, but the President is aware of what he is since they were in college together.

When Kira finally gets in front of the President, he immediately looks at her and states “you’re not a man”. He refuses to have a woman protect him and put their life in danger. Malachi made her promise not to reveal she is a vampire, but it didn’t stop her from giving Gareth a piece of her mind. How dare he overlook her qualifications, her time in the military and her steadfast insistence she was as capable as any man.

A threat forces Kira to protect the President until someone else can take over, and although Gareth is a man who puts his people first and insists on checking they are okay Kira forcefully pushes him to safety. Kira realizes that her chances of being on his security team are no longer possible. She is shocked to discover that he has had a change of heart, not to Kira’s liking but she is willing to accept the graveyard shift.

From the moment Gareth saw Kira he was smitten so it was better to see her occasionally than not at all. One night Kira heard a crash coming from Gareth’s room and when she pushed in, she found he had dropped a glass and was standing in front of her stark naked. He made his feelings clear, and it took just one kiss for Kira to instantly recognize he was her fated mate. She knows there is no future for them, she is a vampire, and he is the President so where do they go from there.

Three times an attempt on Gareth led to putting Kira’s life in danger, first when AF1 exploded from a bomb, second when someone attempted to shoot him and Kira stepped in front of him, the third time was the deadliest her throat was sliced open. Kira’s grandfather created a serum that made a vampire capable of walking in the sun and eliminated the severe thirst for blood, but it also gave human traits that being she could be killed. If she lost enough blood from the neck she would die.

As usual the news media is hungry for any news about the President and that came about when the question arose if there was more to Kira’s job than security, why pick a woman and put her on the night shift. It makes no difference whether a rumor is true or not, just that it increases newspaper sales or viewer ship for news programs.

Kira and Gareth love each other but her secret of being a vampire could result in his losing trust in her. Kira refuses to leave Gareth’s side and he keeps refusing to put her in danger, guess who wins. Someone wants him dead and there is no clue who or why. Malachi comes up with the perfect solution to the rumors about Kira and Gareth having a relationship, but I won’t reveal it.

This was a wonderful story filled with amazing characters. Suspense, secrets, betrayals, lies, surprises, Sex and romance everything that would make me pick up the book and read it and I am glad I did because it had all that and more.

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