REVIEW : Two For the Road -Cocktails & Chaos Book 2 – L.E. Franks

Two for the Road Book Cover Two for the Road
Cocktails and Chaos Book #2
L.E. Franks
M.M. Romance
Independently Published
August 14, 2021

Nick's unwelcome past roars into his life like a tornado. Will its path destroy his and Fatboy's secret romance?

Hot and heavy under the covers, cool and distant in the public eye, Nick and FatBoy have been keeping their relationship secret from friends and coworkers at the bar. But if Nick gets his way, their first carefully planned weekend will catapult their relationship to the next level—after all, once FatBoy experiences the liberation of an exclusive gay resort, how can he possibly be content to keep their love life under wraps?

But circumstances have never been kind to Nick, and expecting Fate to give his love life a free pass is too much to ask. When an attack at the bar leaves Nick reeling and confused, it is merely the first domino to fall in a chain of events that leads Nick to question who he is, how he got there, and where he belongs. His only hope is that he’ll still have the man of his dreams at his side when he reaches the end of the road.

REVIEW BY Gloria Lakritz


This second in the series follows where we left off in book one as Nick and Davis are having their snuggle time on the down low. No one knows they are together and Nick has a plan!!!

Nick has planned a few days vacation for he and Davis at a gay resort so maybe his not out partner can see the queer world without fear. At this exact moment Nick’s past blows into town and he will need more than a vacation for all that fate has planned. Nick’s surprise did not go over well with Davis, but getting the s*it beat out of him and then finding a 10 yr old girl in his truck brings us to Nick Valentine story.

A Brother? A sister? What is going on as we follow the clues our author slowly lays out for us to find out more about Nicky. They now have an SUV filled with a crazy group hell bent on the truth. We delve into Nick’s past and how he was left by his mother…..and how the family went on without him, thinking he didn’t care.

This part of the book was very strong read, as Nicky had to come to terms that he was not the lost unwanted child, that his mother was the criminal. Of course Davis is there, at Nick’s side and we realize the next book will be all his…..We will have to wait and watch if Davis will be strong enough to give us the HEA they deserve….I’m betting on him not being a quitter!

LE Franks has a Hit series in my estimation!

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