REVIEW : Vampire’s Touch – Susan Griscom

Vampire's Touch Book Cover Vampire's Touch
Susan Griscom
Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance, Psychic Romance
Self Published
Oct 26, 2021

Most people would call the ability to read minds a gift. Not Iris. She hates knowing what people are thinking all the time.

As if that weren’t bad enough, that so-called gift has led to being a guinea pig for a
prominent doctor's wild, psychological experiments. When she finally escapes his clutches, she lands in the office of one Langdon Fox, a wealthy, influential, and downright handsome vampire who offers to keep her safe.

Except Iris can’t tell if he’s sincere because she can’t read his mind. Which should make her elated, if she weren’t so worried that he has plans of his own. Plans that might not be in her best interest. But one thing she knows for certain is how his “indecipherable” touch ignites a passion in her that she’s never experienced before.

Langdon wants nothing more than to help and protect Iris but his dead heart begins to skip beats whenever he’s near her, creating too many distractions. And now he worries that his uncontrollable desire for her will sabotage his efforts in keeping her alive.

Review by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hiding under a desk in a wrinkled cocktail dress and eating filched hors d’oeuvres was no way to meet a rich, handsome vampire, but Iris didn’t plan on meeting one. She had hidden in the building while running away from a very insane foster father who was a noted psychiatrist and scientist. He planned on taking her brain out and transplanting it into Iris’s foster mother; an operation that would kill the donor, Iris herself. So sleeping in a service station bathroom stall and sneaking into a charity affair wasn’t exactly her plan after escaping the insane doctor’s laboratory.

Langston Fox, wealthy vampire philanthropist, was hosting yet another fundraiser. As most of the guests left, he had gone to his office to call the man he called his son, and just happened to see a stuffed olive roll out from under his desk. He never expected to meet a beautiful woman who was hiding there.

Iris ran because her foster father, Doctor Christoff had found out that she could read minds and he was convinced that her brain would save the memories of his beloved wife and get him a Nobel Prize for medicine in the bargain. She had found the invitation to the fundraiser outside, taking it and a chance to hide from them man who had been family until the previous night. As she pretended to belong in the party, she saw him and ran away, checking doors to rooms to hide in. The office, with a couch to rest on, looked like a good bet until she heard the door opening.

Langston becomes interested in Isis. She swore she couldn’t read his mind, which surprised her as much as it did him. He also knew Dr. Christoff was not the respectable physician he showed to the world and decides to shelter Isis. He offers to protect her and whisks her off to Great Britain to hide in his castle. It was there that he became her patron, choosing her to be his Chosen in the secret vampire organization, the Ouroboros Society. But whether she can remain out of Dr. Christoff’s mad scheme and sort out her feelings for her vampiric White Knight, would be the challenge.

I liked Vampire’s Touch. I’m not a huge fan of alternating voice books, it can be jarring, but Susan Griscon does a great job of keeping the story chapters related to each other. The transitions didn’t seem jarring, and I didn’t feel like I was head hopping. The story was smooth, all action and not sex until the last couple of chapters. I was able to watch the relationship develop without having to stop and catch the sex and then move on.

I highly recommend Vampire’s Touch for fans of vampire romances, its fun.


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