Review: Why We Fight – TJ Klune

Why We Fight Book Cover Why We Fight
At First Sight Book 4
TJ Klune
Bigender Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 14, 2019

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Corey Ellis sure doesn't. Oh, everyone around him seems to have found their happy ending, but he’s far too busy to worry about such things. He’ll have plenty of time for romance after he survives his last summer before graduation. So what if he can’t get his former professor, Jeremy Olsen, out of his head? It’s nothing more than hero worship. And that's the way it should stay.

Except bigender Corey—aka Kori—is interning at Phoenix House for the summer, a LGBTQI youth center. A center that recently hired an interim director until someone can be found to fill the position permanently.

Because life is extraordinarily unfair, the director just so happens to be a certain former professor, now turned current boss.

Desperate to keep things professional as he and Jeremy grow closer, Corey makes a major mistake: he turns to his friends, Paul Auster and Sanford Stewart for help.

But Paul and Sandy have some ideas of their own....

Set in the summer of 2016, Why We Fight is a celebration of queer life and being true to oneself… no matter the cost.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Why We Fight is the book a lot of Klune fans have been waiting to read. Finally, Corey/Kori Ellis gets their story. It was worth the wait. In true Klune fashion, this book has moments that have you holding your breath, as well as moments where you are laughing so hard there are tears running down your face. My favorite aspect of Klune’s writing is his ability to build a family. He takes seemingly disparate characters and gives them a precious ability to “see” each other. This latest book is no exception. It was truly a soul deep satisfaction to follow Corey/Kori on the path to happily ever after. The road to that happily ever after with Jeremy Olsen is peppered with all sorts of drama and ridiculousness. This was in no small part due to the inclusion of the fantastic cast of characters from this series and others that showed up to “help” along the way. TJ Klune has a true talent for writing absurd, hysterical scenes. He also has an uncanny ability to combine the soft, vulnerable moments, and some truly sexy romance, creating a narrative that is all encompassing. All of this is evident in this book. I am so tempted to include more but that would mean spoilers and THAT would take away the fun of this read. This is definitely a great addition to the Klune library and I happily and wholeheartedly recommend it to romance fans everywhere.

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