CHRISTMAS – REVIEW: Snowed Inn- Maya Boyd

Snowed Inn Book Cover Snowed Inn
Maya Boyd
Christmas Romance, Holiday Romance, Gay Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 16. 2023

CEO Gordon Wyckoff lives for work and certainly has no interest in Christmas. When a blizzard runs him off the road, he ends up stranded in a picturesque mountain town that is the polar opposite of his fast-paced world. The Snowed Inn is the definition of the Christmas kitsch he hates.

Innkeeper Elliot Osterman can barely keep his quaint B&B afloat but has never been able to say no to a guest. One snowy night, he makes room for a stranded executive who knocks him out of his comfortable rut.

As the holidays take hold, the magic of the little town begins to restore their spark and unlock their hearts. Together these two mismatched men might be able to build a future, if they can just dig through all the history that's kept them frozen in place.

Review By Sherry Perkins
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“Time for Plan B.”—Snowed Inn

What a charming book! It’s a sweet, holiday romance. But it’s also a quick read. Snowed Inn is exactly the kind of light, entertaining romance story you need—especially if you were wishing for a blast of holiday cheer before the chaos of Christmas shopping or if needing a break from holiday dinner prep or are braving the snow.

Maya Boyd has crafted a nifty and inclusive tale about a too busy-for-love, somewhat jaded but extremely successful CEO named Gordon Wycoff. Among the things that irritate him to no end in his highly pressured life, is Christmas kitsch. But it’s the Christmas season. He’s pretty much surrounded by it. However, when he gets stuck in a blizzard and his car slides off the road, he ends up in a small town during a Christmas festival week. The town is crammed full of tourists and townies. This, of course, means there is no room at the area hotels. Except for (wait for it) the local inn. It’s a comfy bed & breakfast, run by a very Christmas kitschy fellow. His name is Elliott Osterman.

Well, the only available B&B room isn’t the best in the house and as far as Gordon is concerned, there’s way too much Christmas kitsch. But Elliott, the host, is interesting. Except he is everything Gordon is not. That irritates Gordon. Elliott, on the other hand, is not irritated by Gordon. Not at all.

Elliot does his best to draw Gordon into the Christmas cheer. Maybe loosening him up will also lead to something more fulfilling than work, work, work? Because Elliott recognizes Gordon could be as successful in life as in business. Therein lies the magic of all good Christmas romances.

There is mixed messaging, a lot of innuendo, some great puns, and even a trivia night in this opposites attract story. In fact, everything you expect from a bucolic, small town romance is there. But do Gordon and Elliott get their Christmas wish?

Snowed Inn was a fun, short read. The use of italics was, perhaps, more than necessary but the puns were quite funny, and the bountiful innuendo was more than enough to tickle your fancy.

Afour-and-a-half-star story about finding a Christmas gift where you least expected but needed.

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