RELEASE DAY- DUAL REVIEW: The Player’s Lounge -The Player’s Lounge Series Book #1- Dan Calley

The Player's Lounge Book Cover The Player's Lounge
The Player's Lounge Series Book 1
Dan Calley
Ghost Romance, Gay Romance, Metaphysical Fiction
PP3 Publishing
Dec 22, 2023

Quint has a secret – he’s a Player: a reincarnated soul walking amongst the living with his past life memories intact, with all the heartache over remembering his loves and losses.

Society knows Players like Quint as the One Percent, but only seems to hear about the bad ones, not understanding the burdens and knowledge that most have to carry.

This is Quint’s first time as a Player and he’s living it, using his past life’s knowledge to find his way in a new world, but he still hasn’t found what he came here for – Leo.

In their previous lives, Quint and Leo declared their love right before they died, and made a simple pact: in the next lifetime, they’d find each other.

Only Leo isn’t keeping to his promise.

Needing to understand why, Quint has one option left to try to find Leo: The Player’s Lounge…. A mysterious app where the lost souls of the One Percent can reconnect.

'The Player’s Lounge' is the debut novel from prolific M/M narrator Dan Calley.

Review By Ulysses Dietz

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

What if you could start all over again in a new life—but the love of your life had forgotten who you were?

Dan Calley, a sought-after voice-over artist for audio books, has turned author and has given us a remarkably different take on a romantic adventure. This is a metaphysical romance, I suppose, centered on the idea of reincarnation. I found it moving, but also fascinating, as the author expanded on the idea of the migration of souls from one life to the next.

Leo and Quint are two men separated by death due to a geological cataclysm on a planet somewhere far away in our universe. In the prologue, we learn that they have the choice, as their souls move into their next life, to forget what they know, and simply reboot; or to retain all the memories of their past life and become Players. All they have to do, once they’re reborn, is to find each other.

Lots of authors have played with the notion of reincarnation, which is part of both Hindu and Buddhist belief. This book, however, takes it in a rather strikingly different direction. Reincarnation covers the universe—and all those inhabited planets about which we know nothing. All of us are reincarnated souls from the eternal past, but most of us know nothing about it. Players choose to retain their memories, and when two Players come to the end of their lives, they have tools to help them find each other in their next lives.

That’s the long and the short of the story: Quint in London at thirty years old, wondering where Leo is, and how he can find him. There is a whole hidden subculture of Players, including the social media app known as The Players Lounge. The app helps Players in this world help each other—because one of the greatest gifts of being a Player is not fearing death, and experiencing the full joy of this life, while helping others enjoy their lives and find their own joys.

Quint’s search for Leo is the core of the book’s narrative, but the visually rich context, that highlights the mundane joys of everyday life, is what brings the story alive. Players have to follow the rules, and the consequences for breaking those rules are great.

And in every romance, you know where you want the story to go. The pleasure comes from trying to figure out how the characters will get there. Calley delivers on the romance, but also gives the reader a lot to think about.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

OMG I was so excited when Author Jack Pyke contacted us with this book. Jack Calley’s sexy voice and accent has been in my dreams through the years as a voice actor being the voice of the many books of the famous Jack Pyke’s Don’t Series. He has written a new book of his own.!!!! It’s out today and Ulysses Dietz and I are here today with our pre reviews.

Firstly this concept was a thrilling. Jack Calley has fashioned a story as to what we all think about whether thru our religious beliefs etc: What happens when you die? Do you return to exist again ? If you do, are you still you or do you become another person? Fascinating no?

Leo and Quint are life mates, and live on a far out planet that is dying. The explosion has destroyed the planet and they are now at the door step of choosing their next life. Their choice can be a Reboot or a Player.

Players can keep their memories of their past lives but have no way of knowing where they will be sent, even be on the same planet. But it gives them hope that they can find each other again and continue their love and lives together rather than Reboot to have their memory wiped.

Jack Pyke edited the book and between the story line and the story teller they are a great team. I will not tell you anymore…..It’s out today and yours to enjoy and Squeeeeee this is Book ONE



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