REVIEW: Little Boy Toy- Little Big Heart #3- Wendy Rathbone

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REVIEW: Legacy of Light: Angels of the Veil Book #1- Nita Round

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Short Story- Little Valentine’s Party- Daddies and Littles- TL Travis

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REVIEW: Just Call Me Confidence – Stella Grae

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REVIEW: Moonlit Bonds- Harper A. Brooks

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REVIEW: A Solitary Rose- Anne Rollins

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Release Day- REVIEW: The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer:- Monsters Hollow Book 2- Chloe Archer

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RELEASE DAY- DUAL- REVIEW: Under the Radar – Accidentally Undercover Book #6- Linden Bell

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Novella- A Cure for Spring Fever -Jelly Beans and Spring Things- Barbara Robinson

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New Release- REVIEW: My Vampire Weekend- Shane K. Morton

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