REVIEW: Legacy of Light: Angels of the Veil Book #1- Nita Round

Title: Legacy of Light Series: Angels of the Veil Book #1 Author: Nita Round Genre: Mythical Creatures, LGBTQ Fantasy, Dragons Publisher: Pink Tea Books Release Date: April 2, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 364 Source: Amazon Cassie Evans is more than your average supernatural hunter. Cassie’s the daughter of a fallen angel, who vows to protect … Read more

REVIEW: Wolf Spirit- Wolves of the West- Linda Thomas- Sundstrom

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: TEARS IN TIME – An Arcadia Trust Novel Book #4- Christian Baines

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RELEASE DAY- Hurt Me Not- Davidson King

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Novella- A Cure for Spring Fever -Jelly Beans and Spring Things- Barbara Robinson

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Love At Country Pines – Pine Ridge Universe- S.C. Principale

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REVIEW: In the Dark Heart of Winter- Mere Rain

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Release Day- REVIEW: A Kingdom of Souls and Shadows -Fae Destiny Book 1- Leslie O’Sullivan

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REVIEW: Parker’s Forbidden Mate – Ombra Pack Chronicles Book #1- Blake R. Wolfe

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Stone of Love – Stones of Iona Book #1- Margaret Izard

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