HOLIDAY- REVIEW: Saint of Shadows – Saint and Shadows Book #1- Jonesy Elise

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HOLIDAY: REVIEW: Sweet Elf -Omega Christmas Elves Book #5 – MM Farmer

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Christmas Story- REVIEW: A Very Genre Christmas- Kim Fielding

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Holiday REVIEW: Father F’in’ Christmas- A Minded Story- R.L. Merrill

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REVIEW : Autumn Dreams- The Eternal Mates Book #1- E.B. Wolfe

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Winging It- L. Gayle

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RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Zack’s Tale- An Otherworldly Trilogy Companion & Prequel- Hermione Lee

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REVIEW: Rise 10th Annual Flash Fiction Anthology- J. Scott Coatsworth ,Sorren Briarwood, Aidee Ladnier , Meghan Hyland , Jendia Gammon

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REVIEW: Lightning Strike Blues – Gayleen Froese

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